Wall around your heart
                                 Chris Hillman

   C                       Am    F                       C
Stone must be the wall built around your heart.
C                      Am               D7                  G7
I still love you darlin', but the time is come to part.
C                        Am                        F                         C
No more sorrow, no more pain, can enter this heart of mine.
C                     Am                            F      G       C
Life isn't long in this old world let the past stay behind.

I once had a darling "Sweetheart", and I love her so.

I love her more than I never make my poor heart show.

And she ran away and left me she would find somebody else.

Left me here in this old world to cry all to myself.

Stone must be the wall ...

I know somewhere in this old world there is a girl for me

She don't long for wealth and fame just love and sympathy.

I don't know where she lives maybe across the sea.

But the walls of Jericho can't keep her away from me.

The stone must be the wall ...

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