Standing on your own two feet blatantly ignoring the calls in the dark
You been thrown your own piece of meat and the bones are piling inside your heart
Hey man I can take a hint I'm the kind of guy you don't have to tell twice
Your glory days came and went spit out the bones and take my advice
Time to learn how to crawl
Let it rattle inside your head letit shake around between your ears
Sometomes it's easier said that's why nothing ever gets done around here
Nothing gets done at all
You can turn it around I don't think they'll understand
Turn it all upside down itÄll slip right through your hands
Pretend that it's not there no one ever really wants you to know
They tell you what you want to hear and then they're gonna let you go
It's never too late to learn

shadow boxing

This life you rage against; you rage against the fury
It hits me like a sucker punch; everything gets blury
Give me an hour you say,; give me a minute and I'll make it right
You make it up as you go and I'm following you down again
Am I shadow boxing
Banging my head against the wall
You dance with your eyes closed and who was that fool I caught you with
I learned a lesson today
I'm not the one who took the fall, I've seen a million of you and I'm tired of looking back
I had no idea how harmful your kiss could be
Guess I had the roar of the crowd in my head
The pressure and tension have ruined the game for me
Should I be somewhere else instead
Just this close to giving up; just this close to living the desperate lie
Just this close to walking away; it's a punch drunkard's view of the fight
Blue steel in the cornerman's eyes; white line in a circle that never will end
I know your reference points and you're crazy if you think I'd change

saturday night (in this dead town)

Take a walk down Main Street here's what you will find
The sidewalk swallows up anything it can't define
You can try and struggle or come quietly
But the ones who fight it will surely end up just like me tonight
What are you going to do
Anything they tell you to
That's right
Don't let me down
Saturday night in this dead town
Downtown the underground has come up for air
Same attitude in a casual atmosphere
I want to see the freak show I want to be amused
I paid Daddy's money just so you could pay your dues
I feel so alternative, I might have to lay down
It's the only way to live; I'll never leave this town
Never leaving this town
If I heard it yesterday then it's gone today
If I had a clue I'd keep my mouth shut anyway
But nobody's listening there's nothing to fear
Say what you want but you're not getting out of here

miles left to ride

Outside in the fields
Cross the rows of the green leaves waist high
Feel the sun on your back
See the dirt under your feet begin to crack
But the sun is your friend
In a sky that rolls on without end
And the black smoke stacks rise
The cars will always pass you by
I cannot tell you the times that I failed you, imes that I lied
I'll not forget I cannot regret there's still too much time left, miles left to ride
So I drive
Radio song
Ten years old and two minutes too long
Yeah but don't touch that dial
It'll be out of range in awhile
And when you reach the next town
You can't help but notice the changes
Take up the stack
Tie it off and don't ever look back
Put your faith in the morning
Let it sing you to sleep in your night
Don't look over your shoulder
Everything here's gonna be alright
Five miles left to go
Cigarettes have taken their toll
But it seemed so far away
You never had the sense to be afraid
You planned it all out so well
You didn't count on the wide open spaces
Time better spent
No need to explain where it went

bad news

Crossed another year off the ledger...youkeep getting younger day by day
Made a new resolution
Might as well throw my life away
We walk in different circles; you go to parties and I stay in the car
Could it be that I might be dying
Stuck back here where the coffins are
Talks to me when I am all alone
Making jokes at my expense
Never calls me on the telephone
Doesn't make a bit of sense
You've got a stranger in your bed
I keep the bad news in my head
Have I been making you nervous each time you wonder what I meant
You never follow direction
Unless you mark the way you went
How does it feel to face the real world when all your companions have left you behind
What will it take to face the morning when all of your fears are still locked in your mind

six roads

Clear off a space in the meadow
Let the weary have their rest
Six roads and all of them winding
Six roads and all of them blessed
If talking makes it true then there will be no sleep til' morning
You cannot walk away without telling one more lie
Down here we put up defenses
Safe enough for a while, I think
Spotlight comes sooner or later
Who will be the first to blink
The penalty for placing blame is a prison lined with mirrors
Easier to leave it all behind then to somehow find the key
Been spinning 'round been losing ground been spinning 'round froever
Maybe get it back, maybe take it back, maybe get it back tonight

darkness lingers

Headlines every day; secretaries will not let it rest
At home an empty chair; television flickers in the dark
A broken empty man wanders down the aisles in search of something he might buy that will provide a night's distraction and a momentary easing of the pain
Tried to mak you out to be a hero to the ones you left behind
Twisted up your legacy seeking out some comfort for themselves
Every step he takes follows in the footsteps of a loss he cannot face and so he pulls the curtains closed as if it might just trap the light another day
All is pastand gone
Darkness linger on
Vultures circle 'round clutching at the Bibles in their hands
Descend ynd pick apart a life you set in motion years ago
Alone he shakes his head and turns his cherished pictures to the wall -again and then he cries his tears of blood and shame and wonders why a decent sould
should come to this


In your heart; in your wild heart of love
In your heart I found a home
A safer place; safer now than before
Keep me safe inside your heart
Hate was burning like a cross of flame
Burning bright and burning strong
I kicked away the shackles round my feet, slipped the chains that bound my hands
Gone the sun; gone the sun from the sky
See the moonlight in your eyes
Save my soul; saving me from myself
Keep me safe inside your heart
Disconnected voices in my head
Gaps in time and vacant space
The missing pieces have been found at last
Stolen kisses made me whole
Time (a river) trickles slowly past
Hurry now don't stop to thin
The gentel flow of mediocrity
Gentle touch upon my face

from "four things"
Words by David Simpkins and Lee Worley
Music by Visible Shivers

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