Nashville, TN -- A country radio professional and internet service provider have joined forces to deliver their vision of a "Real Country" radio station, via the internet. Twangcast.com, the broadcast affiliate of www.RealCountry.net web hosting service, will netcast music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by artists that have been overlooked by Top 40 Country radio, a genre that has become very tightly formatted and increasingly bland. Using a criteria of "Twang" and "Quality", the playlists for Twangcast.com will be made up of the few remaining traditional country artists in Nashville like Alan Jackson and Sara Evans,
and regional and national acts like Dale Watson, Mike Ireland & Holler and Ruthie and the Wranglers who still make country music in the traditional style. Classic songs from artists of years past as well as artists like George Jones, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and Connie Smith, who are still active but ignored by radio, and some bluegrass will be incorporated into the programming. Listener input will also be an important factor in determining future playlists. TwangCast aims to bring to the disaffected country listeners the music they so loudly scream for - the music missing from commercial radio.

www.RealCountry.net, the web hosting affiliate of Twangcast.com, offers feature laden, low cost websites with secure server merchandising for artists to sell products direct, post tour schedules, photos, and various audio and video clips in addition to numerous other exciting features.

Twangcast.com will utilize the latest Microsoft Media Player technology for unlimited audience capacity and superior sound quality delivery via the internet. For more information regarding music, programming, advertising etc., contact Mike Hays at (540) 672-4090. For more information regarding web site programming, RealCountry.net business or Twangcast.com operations, contact Gary Miller at (540) 672-1446 ext 300.

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