Subject: very sad news about Townes - reply Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 09:25:54 -0800 From: Len Coop Organization: IPPC/OSU To: CC:,,, References: 1 From: Ad van Meurs Subject: do you know? Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 17:29:52 +0100 From: Ad van Meurs To: > > Hi, > This is a message from Ad van Meurs,The Watchman from Holland. > We just received very sad news about Townes ,Pat Mears from > Austin Texas heard it from her friend Mickey,I think you'll get > to hear it soon.It seems that Townes is not with us anymore. > If you hear about it would you please confirm this message to us? > Our E.mail adress is .We knew Townes very well, > played with him a few times,gambled with him and we always loved > his great songs.Hope to hear from you soon The Watchman > Ad van Meurs/Ankie Keultjes I called Jeanene Van Zandt, but Suzannah Clark answered the phone and said that it is true, that Townes expired suddenly from a probable massive heart attack at about 10PM Jan 1, 1997. Jeanene had just brought Townes home from the hospital where he had had a pin put in his hip and seemed to be in good spirits. When Jeanene discovered a little bit later that he was not breathing, she called 911 and started mouth-to-mouth, which she continued until paramedics arrived. They continued to try to revive him but to no avail. Suzannah noted that Hank Williams died on the same day. Guy and Suzannah are helping out. They ask to please not call at this time. No arrangements for services have been made at this time. If folks would like to send their best to the family, express grief, or submit other information, I suggest making use of the Townes Discussion Conference accessible from the Townes van zandt Lone Star Webstation, or from the Blue Sky Home Page, -Len Coop 9:20AM PDT, Jan 2, 1997 -- Leonard Coop

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