True to life  

Re: True to life chords and lyrics

Steve Carson (
Wed, 17 Jul 96 15:20 GMT
> G D C D G
> I can only sing it loud, always try to sing it clear:
> D C D
> What the hell are we all doing here?
> G D C D G
> Making too much of nothing or creating one unholy mess
> D C D
> an unfair study in survival I guess
> Em C G D
> But it always comes down on what to do, when it's all around you
> G G/F# D C
> And this tightwire act, leaving us here for
> G D C D G
> Dead to News of the world, and liquor piles up ahead
> D C
> got your nose in words of power
> D G G/F# Am
> Forever on that breath when the quality of life gets tripped up
> C
> and strangled like death
> D C Am G D
> Seems it's getting harder out there, especially without time enough to see
> True to life, is another hangover
> True to life is more than war and politics
> True to life is always having to look over your shoulder
> True to life is assembly line sickness
> But it always comes down...
> (like first verse plus chorus)
I think that the C-chord in the verses should be played with the
additional D-note on the B-string (In the G-D-C-D bit). It
looked like that was how Jay played it too.
-Steve Carson