Date: 10/1/96; 1:45:16 PM From: ah827@rgfn.epcc.Edu (Gene L. Graham) Subject: TRUCK DRIVIN' MAN TRUCK DRIVIN' MAN Recorded by Buck Owens Words and Music by Terry Fell CAPO: 1st Fret KEY: G# PLAY: G I [G] stopped at a roadhouse in [C] Texas A [G] little place called HAMBURGER [D] DAN'S I [G] heard that old jukebox a-[C] playin' A [D] song called the Truck Drivin' [G] man. The waitress then brought me some coffee I thanked her but called her again I said that old song sure does fit me 'Cause I'm a truck drivin' man. CHORUS Pour me another cup of coffee for it is the best in the land I'll put a nickel in the jukebox And play the truck drivin' man. I climbed back aboard my old SEMI And then like a flash I was gone I got them old truck wheels a-rollin' I'm on my way to San Antone. CHORUS