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Last updated: 8 May 1996

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Tom Ames' Prayer (Steve Earle) - Mandolin

This is the Tab for the Mandolin solo in Steve Earle's song, "Tom Ames' Prayer", off the Train a Comin' album.

It's in standard Mandolin tuning - see the "Copperhead Road" Tab for details. The solo begins at approximately 01:24. This Tab is as exact a transcription as I could manage (considering the Mandolin is lower than it should be in the mix), except for one note. The problem note is the 3rd note in the 5th measure. I put the note in parentheses - ( ) - in the Tab. I couldn't be sure whether to pull-off to this note, it's hard to tell from the CD. If you want to play it as a pull-off, finger the previous note on the 7th fret of the 2nd string. The only positive thing about the mix on this song is that the Mandolin is entirely in the right channel, so if you turn off your left speaker, you'll hear the Mandolin much better.

Note that during the acoustic guitar solo, at 02:12, the Mandolin backing is very active. The part is basically just the chords of the song (with some minor embellishments) played VERY loud! Look in the "CHORDS" section of this Web site for the chords. If you need fingerings for the chords, E-mail me and I'll either E-mail 'em back, or I'll ask Lisa to let me put them up at this Web site.

Have fun!!

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