That'll be me  

Kevin Welch

Kelly Willis

A E7 Sometimes in the middle of the night I reach for you in my dreams A Then I lay awake till the morning light Tired of remembering The river runs wide here, the river runs deep E7 I'd give that river my soul to keep A If I could only finally sleep awhile D That'll be me howling in the wind A Every time I come across your tracks again E7 A Tell me, how long has it been Since I've been free D A If you see a fire on the mountainside All around the places I used to hide E7 That'll be me A That'll be me Instrumental: E7/D/A/A/ D A You and I, we're gypsy born Under the same old sign If my tears for you are a thunderstorm D My love is the sweet sunshine You can't run far enough A D To ever quite outrun my love I know who you're thinking of tonight. G That'll be me walking through your mind D Talking to your heart most all the time A7 D Stirring up memories of mine Like a gentle breeze G If you hear somebody singing you this song D Like they could sing it to you all night long A7 That'll be me G D That'll be me G D That'll be me