STILL LOOKING FOR YOU                                                                                                                  
by Townes van Zandt                                                                                                       Townes van Zandt

             G         C         G              C                G

Layin' much that I ain't tryin' - fast liv'n slow suicide

                                                     D                               C            G 

When you're running in a place to hide - just looking for you.

                 G              C      G          C                     G

Well, my friends they all agree ain't many a fool like me

          D                      C                            G 

I just tell I'm wait and see - go looking for you.


Looking low and looking high - looking far and looking wide


Try to tell myself that am I fine but it just ain't true

                       D                              C                             G 

Oh it just ain't true - still looking for you - still looking for you.

Here from the shadows of the darkest pine To the edge of a sweet sunshine

I'll keep looking 'till I make you mine - looking for you.

When the curtain tumbles down.- I'll be somewhere hangin' round

With my heart laid on the ground - just looking for you

Looking low...


Looking low...

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