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<> From: "Stevie Simkin"
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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 09:26:47

Hi there,

if it's not too late, I have a question that might be worth trying. (Then again, it might get a blank stare or a mutter and a silence, knowing Jay). There's some kind of social or political strand running thru a number of songs Jay has written or recorded - 'let's sink this capitalist system...' from 'Coalminers'; 'this trickle down theory has left all these pockets empty' (postcard); and songs like factory belt, etc. More recently 'fireman saves millionaire's mansion, and when it's done, sleeps on the side of the road' (out of the picture) - I wonder where that comes from - be interesting to know if Jay has anything to say about that.
Something to do with the musical tradition he grew up in? Own experience/convictions?
Other thing is, I'd love to know if the band are ever gonna play in Britain! I'm desperate to see them live! If you get a chance, put in a word for us UK based fans. Thanks alot!
On Go to Blazes, there was something on postcard or postcard2 some months ago saying the band were splitting. Obviously not! Wonder where that came from. And do you know if THEY will ever tour UK?! Anyway, good luck with the interview - on Jay's past record, I think you'll need it!
All the best, Stevie

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