A Bavarian political folk-rock and traditional folk-theatre band, Sparifankal had a very unusual and lyrical style. They were the odd band out on the April/Schneeball roster. The early recordings featured as bonus material on the CD of BAYERN-ROCK are of most interest, in that these reveal their underground psychedelic roots, proving their status as part of Krautrock history. (Crack in the Cosmic Egg)


BAYERN-ROCK .....Carl-Ludwig Reichert (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Florian Laber (bass, vocals), Günther Sonderwald (drums, triangle), Jan Dosch (bass, guitar, ocarina, vocals), Tillmann Obermaier (vocals, dulcimer, guitar) HURAXDAX DRUDNHAX .....Carl-Ludwig Reichert (vocals, guitars), Till Obermeier (dulcimer, shenai, guitars, vocals), Stefan Liedtke (guitars, harmonica, vocals), Butze (drums, tabla, bells)


BAYERN-ROCK (2/76) LP April 0000 (1 976) CD Ohrwaschl OW 027 (1994) plus l bonus track (1975), plus 4 bonus tracks (5/73) HURAXDAX DRUDNHAX (1978) LP Schneeball 001 8 (1978) CD Ohrwaschl OW 028 (1994) plus 1 6 bonus tracks

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