Nothing to do and nothing to say
Everything I know I knew yesterday
Until something new comes around
Let's take some drugs and drive around

Let's do something dumb, get into a fight
I'd rather get beat up than sit around all night
Let's go get some light, let's go get some sound
Let's go get some drugs and drive around

Gas up the car and get some beer, too
How about a six-pack for me and a twelve-pack for you?

Turn off the TV; when you were a kid
you didn't wanna grow up and be a bum
They treat us like the morons we've become
I turn on my radio, all I get is metal or Motown
Let's take some drugs and drive around

Turn off the headlights, let's go get lost
Every blind lane we must cross
And every poor boy who fears for his life
Get out of our way or get in and ride
As we drive and drive

Just saying no to drugs works fine if you've got
The kind of life that I have not
But boy if I did, mister I'd lay that money down
And buy some more drugs and drive around

By Michael Hall
copyright 1992 Aznut Music, BMI


I still think about Susan and all our ups and downs
Never met a woman so resolute, she speaks her mind, stands her ground
Thought we'd go on forever, and I must still be surprised
'Cause I can't forget that sweet look in her eyes

Susan across the ocean
Chose to go so far away
Susan what does your spirit hide?
That makes me question my life this way
Susan across the ocean
I ain't a slave to nobody
Susan you don't mean anything
Susan you're everything to me

I had plans to raise a family; she had plans of her own
Children are so demanding, and she had so much to prove and places to go
And I'm not angry anymore, but it hurts me so bad
When I think about the sweet times we could have had

Just when you think you know somebody well
When you're completely in love you can never tell
When it's over
Is it over?

I'm sixty years tomorrow but I still hold my own
I married a woman whose love I hold and we had three kids; watched them grow
But when I wake up in the morning it still hurts me so bad
'Cause I love this woman beside me,
But I can't help to think about the life I could have had

By Walter Salas-Humara
copyright 1992 Lagartija Music, BMI