Max Rollo - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica
Rayburn Hance - acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin
Travis Kitchens - bass
Don May - drums
Will Kitchens - drums (track 10)
Ann Rollo - vocals

All songs written by Max Rollo
copyright 1998 Dead Corduroy Music


The Songs:

1. Sandpaper Wind
2. Won't Do No Good
3. Radio Inside

4. Few Hundred Miles

Louisiana evening Texas dusk
Driven this road a 1,000 times
I could drive it with my eyes shut
But I don't think I'd enjoy the ride

Far away from the city lights
Rooted down in the countryside
Where the streets have fallen by
And all that stay are destined to die

We see the world through different eyes
Not so far away A few hundred miles

Front porch wavers in dying shacks
Dust in the air from their dirt yards
Weathered faces with deep cracks
Hands that show every single scar

We see the world through different eyes
Not so far away A few hundred miles

5. Roll On

Rolling down the highway there's a lazy air
Hot and sticky like it always is
Haunted water and the sludgy mud
River Mississippi gonna take its toll

Watchin the river roll
Take in the sights and sounds
I'm gonna take it real slow
Roll on Roll On

There's a woman at her doorsteps
and she's cryin out
Well that river done took everything she had
Her husband died trying to make a way
Her daughter lies somewhere in a watery grave

Can hear the ghosts cryin' in the muggy night
And sit by the banks and watch the water rise

6. Dust Tarnished Town

7. Favorite Song

8. Burned

9. No Way to Say Goodbye

I wasn't trying to hurt you
That wasn't my intent
Now my words have all been stripped
And lost their credibility
I would talk to you
But the laws have been defined
I don't want to cross the line
That keeps me away from you
But I'm not sad

You don't want to hear me
You run and hide
You call it safety
That's no way to say goodbye
And wast a life

I'd blow your door down
But I'm running out of breath
There's an ache in my chest
This is killin' me
I can't stand too long
There is no steady ground
And my hand have been bound
To keep you away from me
But I'm not sad

10. Eyes Open Wide

11. Miriam