Denise Benson and Townes van Zandt

only D and A7

They rode slowly down to the border of mexico

The horses needed water so bad they could hardly go on

Was a two week trail for the men, a hard time to go

There's a word goin' round of something precious to find

Some peace frome the law is what they all had in mind

They were riders on the trail with nothing to lose

Not a bank not a train not a drugstore that they robbed

Was a night at the saloon a senseless shooting they all were involved

Now the're on the run from the law on the way to Mexico

A bunch of men who did not choose the way that they're on

The mountains they passed were so high the desert so dry

They dream about that river they have to cross to be save

On night by the fire they heard something under the trees

Was the ranger who found them and brought the men down to their knees

They were brought back for hanging no one ever asked why

For the shooting at the Saloon they where all bound to die

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