Reviews by Jan van Doorn
updated May 1th, 2002


Damnations - Where It Lands

The Damnations are back and it is a trill. When you hear the voices of Amy Boone or Deborah Kelly you are melting. Robert Bernard is the rocker and he is also the John Lennon Animal Children. This band is special and you wish they playing their songs live in your ear before you go to bed and have sweet dreams. The only thing I want to say about Coronna and Wanna be your Mama (Doug Sahm) are maybe not the best ones on this album but the sound is good and maybe that is what counts. I hear a lot of sixties and seveties in their music. I hear the Beatles, Mama's and the Pappa's but also the roots what we know from their album Half Mad Moon. My hope is that the Damnations coming to Europe for a tour and when they are in town go and see them. Don't forget to buy this new album Where it Lands because they take you to the other world and when you hear Steeple Full Of Swallows or Animal Children than you know what I mean.

Jan the Lazyman

Neil Young - Are you Passionate

I'm one of the lucky guys who got a sample of the new Neil Young album. The first time I put the CD in the player I thought Oh no not again but after a couple of times the record is growin' after a while. Booker T Jones en Donald (Duck) Dunn of the Booker T & the MGs and Crazy Horse guitarplayer Pocho Sampedro helps Neil out on this album. Crazy Horse is only there on one son and that is Going Home and that is one of the highlights. Let's Roll is a tribute to the Victems of sepember the 11th and She's a healer is a beauty on her own. Are you Passionate is not the best Neil Young album but it is a good album. Neil on his way back.

Jan the lazyman