SNOWIN´ ON RATON                                                                                                                  
by Townes van Zandt                                                                                                                Townes van Zandt

capo 4th

                        G7                                 C

Well when the wind - don't blow in Amarillo

               G7                                        C 

and the moon along the Garnison don't rise

            F                                      C 

Shall I cast my dreams upon your love, Babe

                          F                 C 

and lie beneath - the lafter of your eyes.

           C      F        C               G7                                      C 

It's snowin' on Raton - come mornin' I'll be through them hills and gone.

          G7                                             C 

Our mother thinks the road is long and lonely.

            G7                                                 C 

Little brother thinks the road is straight and fine.

                   F                                             C 

Well, little darlin' thinks the road is soft and lovely.

          C                     F                       C 

I'm thankful that old road's a friend of mine.

It's snowin' on Raton ...

I'll bid the years goodbye, you cannot still them.

Well you cannot turn the circles of the sun.

Well you cannot count the miles until you feel them.

And you cannot hold a lover that is gone.

It's snowin' on Raton...


Here tomorrow the mountains will be sleeping

Silentlyt the blanket green and blue.

All that I shall hear the silence they are keeping

I'll bring all their promises to you.

It's snowin' on Raton ...

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