Riding the range
The Good Sons (with Townes van Zandt)

                 G                                                                     C 
Well the Cowboys are gathering tonight by the side of the river
                        G                                                                               C
They've been bussed in from east side to find their own piece of the west.
                 Bm                                C
With their six-pack and six-guns, cloth caps and stetsons,
         G                                 Em
Maybe you might think it's strange
         G                                       D                               G        D
But don't worry momma, these boys are just riding the range.

             G                                                                         C
All the cowgirls get branded somewhere in the back of a trailer,
       G                                                                                   C
It'll be same time and same place next week, just a different man
      Bm                                  C
A man who is stronger, and younger, and longer,
         G                                        Em
And one who's not drunk for a change
           G                                       D                              G         D
But what can you do when these boys go out riding the range?

             Em                   C            G                              D
It's the range that they cling to, when the're out on their own
             Em            C                          G      D
It's the range that makes them feel at home
           Em                 C                       G                                 D
Every night you can see them, they're fighting their own chaperone,
                 Em            C                        D
But every night they somehow make it home.

             G                                                                        C
In the morning they're waking beneath their fish and chip paper
          G                                                               C
The story of last night is written in stains on their shirt
              Bm                              C              
From a north coastal guest house to a Tennessee road house,
                G                                   Em
Some behaviour you just can't explain,
         G                                      D                                G
But come Friday evening those boys are out riding the range
            G                                   D                      G   
I said next Friday evening take me out riding the range.

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