Playlist "American Roots Music"

(Non commercial local radio)

Date:Nov 16th 1999
20:00 - 22:00 p.m.

This Playlist was influenced by the discussion board "Postcard 2" with regard to the question what is.
Thanks to all Jeff Wall's who gave me some stimulation and so many new ideas, heh!

Sorry for not playing some music even though I've promised you I would do it... perhaps next month or the month after next...that is too bad! Don't be angry about that. "Right place, right time" or "Make the best of a bad situation!"

Dead Kennedys
(from "Coast To Coast" Punk/Rock Images, f-Stop Fitzgerald)

Violent Femmes American Music Hollowed Ground Slash 1984
The Setters I wanna be your dog (Stooges) More miles than money Blue Million Miles 1994
Alejandro Escovedo Sex Beat (Gun Club) Bourbonitis Blues Bloodshot 1999
Mike Ness Six More Miles Under the influence Arista 1999
Social Distortion Drug Train Social Distortion Epic  1990
Mike Ness I'm in love w/My car Cheatin' at Solitaire Arista 1998
Mike Ness Let the jukebox keep on playing Under the influence Arista  1999
Mike Ness Six More Miles (Hank Williams) Under the influence Arista 1999
The Ditchdiggers You win again (Hank Williams) Cow Patty Bingo Ditchdiggers 1998
The Ditchdiggers One more time Light & Salvation Ditchdiggers 1999
Jason & TheScorchers White Lies Essential Jason & the Scorchers EMI 1992
Jason & The Scorchers If money talks Essential Jason & the Scorchers EMI 1992
Steve Earle & the Supersuckers Before they make me run Steve Earel & the Supersuckers Sub Pop 1997
Robert Bradley's Blackw.Surprise Don't bogart Hempilation 2 Capricorn 1997
Hank Flamingo The dope smokin' song Hempilation 2 Capricorn 1998
The Sadies It's nothing to me Pure Diamond Gold Bloodshot 1999
Supersuckers Must've been high Must've been high Sub Pop 1997
The Swindles My Mama's Jaguar My Mama's Jaguar Drunk for your amusement 1998
Wayne Hancock Brand New Cadillac That's what Daddy wants ARK21 1997
Left Over Salmon w/Lucinda Williams Lines around your eyes The Nashville Sessions Hollywood 1999
Trailer Bride Pasture Whine de lune Bloodshot 1992
The Geraldine Fibbers You do right Butch Virgin 1997
Damnation TX Down the line Half Moon Sire 1999
Buddy Miller Cruel Moon Cruel Moon Hightone 1999
Buddy Miller Somewhere trouble don't go Cruel Moon Hightone 1999
Slobberbone I'll be damned Barrel Chested doolittle 1998
Farmer Not So John For you I will pretend Receiver Blue Rose 1998

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