Playlist "American Roots Music"

(Non commercial local radio)

January 4th, 2000
09:00 - 11:00 p.m.
Guest DJ: Nobby Knape
A special radioshow with String Cheese Incident, Leftover Salmon and others.


"Bluesgrass-and-Latin-Jam-Bands today":

Grateful Dead:  Uncle John's Band The workingman's dead
Leftover Salmon:  Troubled Time 9.00 Nashville Sessions 1999
SCI:  Resume Man 3:46 Born on the wrong planet 1996
Old and in the way:  Wicked path of son  2:18 High lonesome sound
SCI. How mountain girls can love 2:56 A String Cheese Incident 1997
SCI:  Good times around the bend 3:40 Round the wheel 1998
Tim Obrien:  Land's end 3.16 Hard Year Blues 1984
SCI:  Land's end 5.19 Born on the wrong planet 1996
SCI:  100 year flood Round the wheel 1998
LoS:  Five alive 3.14 Nashville Sessions 1999
Steve Kinnock:  Steel guitar rag 5.07 Steve Kinnock and Friends 1995
LOS.  Dance on your head 4.08 Nashville Sessions 1999
SCI:  Road home 5.06 Round the wheel 1998
Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions In the jailhouse now  1999
Bill Monroe Blue Yodel No. 9 The Essential BM.
SCI MLT 6.24 Round the wheel 1998
Ned Sublette:  Ghost Riders 4:40 Cowboy Rumba  1999
Volebeats:  Shanon 3:37 Solitude  1999
Andy Roberts: Gig Song 1:50 Home grown  1970
Andy Roberts: Homegrown 2:55 Home grown 1970
Tom Russell:  Sitting Bull in Venice 3:32 The man from who..  1999
Coal Porters:  Don't fence me in 2:40 ERP Roulette 1998