Playlist "Alt.Country Cooking"  March 3, 2005

Radio Winschoten, The Netherlands
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Steve Robinson, “How the mighty have fallen”, Away For The Day (Sunshine Drenchy)

Lewi Longmire, “If I live to be 100”, If I Live To Be 100 (Number One)

The Bluerunners, “Valse de grand pere”, Honey Slides (Bayou Vista/Sonic RendezVous)

John Doe w/ Dave Alvin & Grant Lee Philips, “Heartless”, Forever Hasn't Happened Yet (Yep Roc/Sonic RendezVous)

Hank Ray, “Six more miles to the graveyard”, Ballads From The Badlands Of Hearts (Rhythm Bomb/Sonic RendezVous)

Foghorn Stringband, “Lonesome road blues”, Reap What You Sow (Self-released)

Kate Maki, “Sweet time”, The Sun Will Find Us (Self-released)

Paul Zografi, “On the way”, One Door (Self-released)

Collin Herring, “Nobody much longer”, The Other Side Of Kindness (Self/Sonic RendezVous)

Betty Dylan, “Banned at the Blue Bird”, Abdicate The Throne (Daz Unlimited)

Larry Sparks w/ Rhonda Vincent, “1-800-do-u-care”, 40 (Rebel)

Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, “Kentucky borderline”, Ragin' Live (Rounder Europe)

James Wesley Haymer, “Holy water”, Field Recordings (Self-released)

Paul Larson, "Good Time Girl", Outside The Box (Self-released)

Polgate, “Broken heart & hammering rain”, Scarfish Love On Wings Of Mojo Wire (Green)

Bill Culp, “Your sins will always find you”, Roots'N'Roll (WDC)

Tom Russell, “Beat folk”, Hotwalker: Charles Bukowski And A Ballad For Gone America (HighTone/Sonic RendezVous)

Nathan Hamilton & No Deal, “15 dollars”, Live At Floore's Country Store (Tamale Pot/Lucky Dice)

Heather Waters, “Brown jacket”, Shadow Of You (Redd Fogg)

South Austin Jug Band, “Long journey home”, South Austin Jug Band (Lucky Dice)

Kristin Mooney, “Deliver us from us”, Kristin Mooney (Sin City/Sonic RendezVous)

The Izzys, “Morning bells”, The Izzys (Self-released)

Martin Hutchinson, “Banker's blues”, Water From A Stone (Hutch)

Liz Meyer, “Pulled in two directions”, The Storm (Strictly Country)

Carlos Guitarlos, “The love I want”, Straight From The Heart (Nomad)

Ranch Riot, “If you ain't lovin' (you ain't livin')”, Goofin' Records 20th Anniversary Party (Goofin')

Shaun Young, “The list”, Wiggle Walk (Goofin')

Heather Myles, “Just leave me alone”, Rum & Rodeo (HighTone/Sonic RendezVous)

Li'l Ronnie and the Grand Dukes, “Long distance lover”, Do Wat'cha Do (Trust Me Baby)

Jeremy Baum, “Goin' home”, Lost River Jams (Flying Yak)