The Pine Valley Cosmonauts
Salute the Majesty of Bob Wills:
King of Western Swing, Pioneer, Traditionalist, Avant-Gardis, Magician
  1. Home in San Antone
  2. Trouble in Mind
  3. Texas Playboy Rag
  4. Drunkard's Blues
  5. Across The Alley from The Alamo
  6. Sweet Kind of Love
  7. Time Changes Everythiing
  8. Hang Your Head in Shame
  9. Steel Guitar Rag
10. Brain Cloudy Blues
11. Right or Wrong
12. Roly Poly
13. Pan Handle Rag
14. Bubbles in My Beer
15. Stay alittle longer
16. My Window Faces the South
17. San Antonio Rose
18. Take Me Back to Tulsa
19. Faded Love
Chris Mills
Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Kelly Hogan
Robbie Fulks
Jon Langford
Jane Baxter-Miller
Bob Boyd
Dean Schlabowske
Sally Timms
Brett Sparks
Tracey Dear
Neko Case & Bob Boyd
Edith Frost
Alejandro Escovedo & Jon Langford
The Meat Purveyors
Jane Baxter-Miller, Rico Bell & Brendan Crooker

Join The Pine Valley Cosmonauts as they erect a more-than-worthy monument to one of the most versatile and beloved figures in American music -- the late, great BOB WILLS. These 19 tunes show the breadth of his musical magic -- from western swing to jazz, country & western, honky-tonk blues, and beyond.

This spirited (100 proof!) bunch -- led by Captain JON LANGFORD (of the Mekons, Waco Brothers, Skull Orchard infamy), and featuring Tom Ray (Bottle Rockets) on stand-up bass, Mark Durante (KMFDM, Waco Brothers) on pedal steel, Steve Goulding (Poi Dog Pondering, Mekons, Waco Brothers) on drums, the Poi Dog Pondering horn section, and John Rice (Chicago all-star) on guitar/fiddle/everythingelse -- are banded together to spread "the gospel according to Bob Wills". Look out, Leon! Amen.

Here's the kicker: joining the PVC's (in their effort to canonize unsung country & western heroes by releasing tribute albums with cumbersome titles) is a star-studded cast of guest vocalists -- a powerhouse line-up featuring JIMMIE DALE GILMORE, ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO, ROBBIE FULKS, SALLY TIMMS, NEKO CASE, EDITH FROST and other greats and near-greats. See the complete line-up/stats above of this tract. You won't believe your eyes OR your ears.

The "Bob Wills Record" also serves as a visual salute to this Texas legend: in addition to his musical services, Jon Langford also provided the artwork for the CD and the limited-edition double-LP vinyl release of this project. This is a testament reverential in attitude and chutzpah. It's a heartfelt tip of the Stetson to an insurgent icon who wasn't afraid to turn country music on its ear -- and turn it into something truly great. And it's FUN, folks -- pure fun -- western-style!  Ahhh-Haaaaaaaaa!

You can't tell the players without a program!

A Pine Valley Cosmonauts insider's guide to handicapping the designated singers:

 1. CHRIS MILLS Chicago-based youthful troubadour, fresh from the release of      his 2nd Sugar Free Records CD Every Night Fight for Your Life.

 2. JIMMIE DALE GILMORE A legend in Texas and the universe. The Flatlanders. That's all there is to say, my brother.

 4. KELLY HOGAN Ex-Jody Grind, ex-Rock*A*Teens, ex-cracker...

 5. ROBBIE FULKS The wiseacre behind Country Love Songs ('96) and South Mouth ('97) --  two CDs of honky-tonk heroics on Bloodshot Records. Geffen debut due September '98.

 6. JON LANGFORD  Stinking Renaissance Man. Welsh tippler. Cap'n of The Mekons, The Waco Brothers, and tThe Pine Valley Cosmonauts. Artiste of Renown -- that's his stuff on the cover, y'known.

 7. JANE BAXTER-MILLER Whiskey and honey-voiced leader of the Texas Rubies -- they graced our Insurgent Country Vol. 1. Chicago's own thrush crush.

 8. BOB BOYD Country music icon. Founding meber of archetypal western swing outfid The Sundowners, who were regulars on the famed WLS Barndance. Class, folks. Class.

10.DEAN SCHLABOWSKE Guitar slinger/vocalist, and half of the American presence in the Waco Brothers.

11.SALLY TIMMS The Marlene Dietrich of indie rock. Mekon matriarch. Released solo outing Cowboy Sally in 1997 on Bloodshot. Delicious.

12.BRETT SPARKS Husband half of The Handsome Family -- who haunted two Bloodshot compilations (For a Life of Sin and Straight Out of Boone Country) and released their latest spooky-beautiful CD Through the Trees this year on Carrot Top Records.

14.TRACEY DEAR "The Greatest Living Englishman" spends his nights as the mandolinist for The Waco Brothers.

15.NEKO CASE Pure country sass and spunk. The only broad with a pulse at Lilith Fair. Her flawless CD The Virginian was released on Bloodshot Records earlier this year. Look for her to tangle with Wishkeytown on a split single in October '98.

16.EDITH FROST Chain-smoking cowgirl chanteuse. Her Drag City Records CD Calling Over Time wowed the people in the know. And the regular folks too.

17.ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO Stooges Lover. (That's Iggy, not Curly...). Punk pioneer (The Nuns), roots pioneer (Rank & File and The True Believers), and acclaimed songwriter/performer with 4 critically lauded solo CDs -- the latest, More Miles Than Money, released on Bloodshot in '98.

18.THEMEAT PURVEYORS Featuring JOAN of ARKANSAS and CHERRY LOU. Austin's bad-ass bluegrass posse. Debut CD Sweet in the Pants released on Bloodshot January '98.

19.RICO BELL Beefycake Mekon accordionist. Solo effort, The Return of Rico Bell, released on Bloodshot in 1996.

Bloodshot Records
912 W. Addison Chicago IL  60613-4339 U.S.A.