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'The Shadow Song'
by Jim Hinde
One of the best antiwar song I've ever heard

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The Shadow Song

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Steve Earle on Iraq

Steve Earle:
A Rare Mix Of
Music And Politics

KUT's Jim Caligiuri talks to the renowned
singer/songwriter about war, losing civil rights
and his latest album, Jerusalem
For I marched to the battles of
the German trench
In a war that was bound to end
all wars
Oh I must have killed a million men
And now they want me back again
But I ain't marchin' anymore

It's always the old to lead us
to the war
It's always the young to fall
Now look at all we've won with
the sabre and the gun
Tell me is it worth it all
Call it `Peace' or call it `Treason,'
Call it `Love' or call it `Reason,'
But I ain't marchin' anymore.

by Phil Ochs
(from "I Ain't Marchin' Anymore")

From Pixice's Phil Ochs Memorial Page

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