No place to fall by Townes Van Zandt Capo on Second fret D DMaj7 D7 If I had no place to fall G D and I needed to Em G could I count on you D to lay me down? D Dmaj7 D7 I'd never tell you no lies G D I don't believe it's wise Em G you got pretty eyes D won't you spin me 'round Em A I ain't much of a lover it's true Em F#m I'm here then I'm gone D E and I'm forever blue A but I'm sure wanting you Skies full of silver and gold try to hide the sun but it can't be done least not for long And if we help each other grow while the light of day smiles down our way then we can't go wrong Time, she's a fast old train she's here then she's gone and she won't come again won't you take my hand If I had no place to fall and I needed to could I count on you to lay me down? ------------------------------------------- The first three chords are as follows. WHen playing the D7 there is a one strum hammer on the High E, 7th fret. Listen to the Live at the Old Quarter version to hear this. The rest of the chords are played in the first position. D DMaj7 D7 ------------------------------------------- EADGBE ------ Capo ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ -----x 5th fret -----x ---x-x ------ ---x-- ------ ---xx- ----x- ----x- <----Hammer here An Additional note here on playing this song: Thanks for correcting the chords for this. One small addition as to how TvZ played it. The fourth part of the first line of each verse was not a D7; instead he held down the D, G, B and E strings at the fifth fret, then hammered on the 7th fret of the E string and then pulled off. It's more of an A minor 7th than a D7.