by Michael Murphy

Merry-go-rounds and burial grounds
        F       F/e     F/d  F/c
They're all the same to me
G                   F
Horses on posts and kids and ghosts
Em             Dm         C
Are spirits we oughta set free.
Them city slickers pickers
            F                  F/e    F/d  F/c
Gotta lotta slicker licks than you or me
    G                    F
But riding the range and acting strange
   Em      Dm    C
Is where I wanna be.

C                        F  F/e F/d  F/c
I just wanna be a cosmic cowboy
G            F        Em   Dm  C
I just wanna ride and rope and shoot
C                        F  F/e F/d  F/c
I just wanna be a cosmic cowboy
G              F       Em      Dm  C
A supernatural country rockin' galloot.

verse 2
Now, skinny dippin' and Lone Star sippin'
And steel guitars and stars
Is just as good as Hollywood
And them boogie-woogie bars
I'm gonna buy me a vest and head out west
My little woman and myself
When we come to town people will gather around
And marvel at my little baby's health.

Repeat Chorus

verse 3
Well, big racoons and harvest moons
Keep rollin' thru my mind
Home on the range where the antelope play
Is very hard to find
Don't bury me on the lone parrie
I'd rather play there alive
I'm doin' my best to keep my pygmie pony
Cruzin' in overdrive.

Repeat Chorus