Mark Brine
"Real Special Feelin'"

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2 YOU SURE GOT A WAY - MARK BRINE - vocals, guitars LINDA JOSEPH - vocals, fiddle 


4 I WOKE UP IN TIME - MARK BRINE - vocals, guitar LINDA JOSEPH - violin, background vocal JEFF PITCHER - lead guitar, background vocal JIM BIENEMANN - bass guitar 

5 WHEN THE MOON WAS IN THE SKY - MARK BRINE - vocals, guitar LINDA JOSEPH - violin, viola JEFF PITCHER - 12-string guitar 


7 AGGIE - MARK BRINE - vocals, guitar LINDA JOSEPH - violin JASON WHINNERY - drums JIM BIENEMANN - bass guitar 

8 DEAR JESSE - MARK BRINE - vocals, guitar BOB MCKAY - dobro JIM BIENEMANN - bass guitar 

9 50 LONELY WITHOUT YOU- MARK BRINE - vocals, guitar LINDA JOSEPH - violin JASON WHINNERY - drums GEOFF KING - standup bass 

10 KENTUCKY BLUE - MARK BRINE - vocals, guitar GEORGEMOONEY- lead guitar & barmony LINDA JOSEPH - fiddle ROB SCHROEDER - barmonica GEOFF KING - standup bass 

11 PRETTY THINGS - MARK BRINE - vocals, guitar LINDA JOSEPH - violin JEFF PITCHER - lead guitar JOHN KEENLY - drums ffM BIENEMANN - bass guitar 

12 NOW'S THE TIME I NEED YOU MOST - MARK BRINE - vocals, guitar DEDE WYLAND - vocals BILLY KEMP - vocals LINDA JOSEPH -fiddle JEFF PITCHER - bass guitar 

13 YOU'RE MY SONGS - MARK BRINE - vocals, guitar 

14 ALWAYS YOU- MARK BRINE - vocals, guitar JIM BIENEMANN - standup bass TOM GINSBERG - violins

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1 I get a REAL SPECIAL FEELIN' whenever you're around. The rigbt words to express it, tbose are words I haven't found but somethin' sorta tells me there'll be time 'n, in time we'll see. But, I got a real special feelin' about you 'n me. A real special feelin' 'n it's bringin' peace of mind. If we ain't in love then we're the fools 'cause, we're showin' all tbe signs. A real special feelin' ain't that what love's supposed to be. Ya, I got a real special feelin' about you 'n me. 

2 I don't know what it is about you, but you sure can satisfy. You've got some kinda lover's knack, you hardly even have 'ta try. (It's) like you were born with somethin' extra you give me more than what's enough and, ob darlin' YOU SURE GOTA WAY with love. You sure got a way with love, you sure got a way with love. You sure do know your stuff. You sure got a way with love. It all just comes so nat'ral to you, so effortless and free. And bein' on the receivin' end, I guess someone up there sure likes me. 'Cause, I've been blessed, by simply bein' the only one you're dreamin' of and oh darlin, you sure do do got a way with love. 

3 Remember when we was just knee-high to a grasshopper 'n you talked me inta puttin' that thumbtack on Mrs. Daley's chair. Well, I sure got my behind warmed 'n you just sat there 'n smiled, Rebecca, 'n in spite of all my agony, somehow I just didn't care. Then, there was the time down at Miller's General Store when I tried to steal that candy bar for you. Well, I sure caught the devil 'n once again you just smiled that famous smile 'n in spite of all the scoldin' I just bad 'ta laugh about it, too 'cause I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A SUCKER FOR YOUR SMILE, MISS REBECCA. From childhood thru high school days, I always was your fool (I always played your fool). Your ever-true accomplice 'n you've known it all the while. Ya, I've always been a sucker for your smile (ah, Miss Rebecca). All those crazy episodes, oh the stories we could tell. That time ya got me to climb down then take ya to the movies with them coins from the wishin' well. Ya, it's been one situation after another for you 'n me. We've sure bad more than our fair share of adventures 'n catastropbes. But, now we've grown a little older 'n you're sure bloomin' inta a fine young lady 'n I can see a different sorta mischief in your eyes. 'N yes, I can tell what's on your mind 'n I'm game, just like ev'ry other time, n I swear I'm gonna be that way until tbe day I die. 

4 I WOKE UP IN TIME, didn't oversleep. Rains still fallin' but my tears will keep. My time's comin' but I don't know when. And I woke up in time to be lonely again. I've been down now for tbe last few days. Looked around for love can't find it any place. I kept an open mind and found a million friends but I got up in time to be lonely again. Now I don't want a love to cling to or to bold too tight on me. Just someone who can touch my heart and leave my spirit free. But I guess some of us just have to be alone, do the best we can to make it on our own. Share lovin' moments every now and then and wake up in time to be lonely again. And I woke up in time to be lonely again. 

5 I still see tbe summer night memories of a long ago July. It was a whole different world then, WHEN THE MOON WAS IN THE SKY. The dark blue night would hide us 'neath it's blanket as we'd lie and wait for that one moment when tbe moon was in tbe sky. When tbe moon was in the sky there was a light that lit my way. Then it disappeared with you, and now my world's dark, everyday. But I never thought it possible that a love that strong could die when the moon was in tbe sky. For it all seemed like a dream then, a summer love to grow far beyond the autumn leaves and the falling winter snows. At least that's what I thought I'd found there in the sparkle of your eyes. But, it must've been just reflections from when the moon was in tbe sky.

6 If your heart is ever hurtin; it don't have 'ta be. If loneliness is slammin' doors, I'm your window free. if the world becomes too heavy, I'll bold it up for you and gladly too. Your life if it gets old, I'll make it all feel new. IF YOUR THOUGHTS ARE EVER MINE, don't have a second doubt 'cause mine are all of you, you're all I think about and somewbere down tbe road there's gonna come a time, yes, there'll be a time for me, I'll still be waitin; if your thougbts are ever mine. When you're drowning in your tears and none will dive into the raging sea that's pulling down, I'll rescue you. For I'm just waitin' on the shore, watcbin' over you - ya I really do. I always have 'cause I'm the one who really cares for you. 

7 AGGIE, it's been sucb a long, long time. Aggie, are ya gettin' along fine? Seems like but a century, since I smelt your sweet perfume. Aggie, you're still on my mind. Lilacs in the grove, your beige cameos, deep sarsaparilla eyes and the day ya bad to go. It's all tbere in tbe past, colors shattered like bits of glass, leavin' my mended stained-glass heart from such a long, long time ago. Aggie, Aggie, it's a shame ya never knew how much you meant to me. There's just so mucb I could have said to make ya see, but it's too late, Aggie. Aggie, do ya ever tbink of me? 'Cause you're still fresh in my thoughts and that's the way you'll always be restin' peacefully on the piazza swing for two. Aggie, waitin; hopin' there for me. 

8 Jesse was a good boy, be didn't mean nobody harm. He just loved young Ginny with a love that was so strong. "Whatever you are wantin', Ginny, I will fetch for you." "Bring me but a gold ring, I can wear in thoughts of you. Just a gold ring, I can wear in thoughts of you, DEAR JESSE. Jesse took a pistol from his daddy's woodshed door 'n went down to the city-near 'n robbed the jewelry store. In the chase that followed, frightened Jesse killed a man 'n stole away upon a train with the ring still in his band. Ya the gold ring, I can wear in thoughts of you, oh, Jesse. In the days that followed, a note come with the mail with the ring be'd stole for Ginny "Wear it without fail. Soon there came the news of Jesse's capture 'n return, murder first degree 'n death by banging soon they learned, 'All for that ring, I can wear in tboughts of you, ob, Jesse." Ginny came up to the jail, she came upon his cell. Jesse made her promise of the ring she'd never tell. The scaffold holds my true love all my dreams 'n everything 'n I stand in the shadow clutchin' to Dear Jesse's ring. Ya, the gold ring, I can wear in thoughts of you, ob, Jesse." 

9 Hold me close, hold me tight oouu, baby. Touch your man, lead him in oouu, baby 'cause I'VE BEEN SO LONELY WITHOUT YOU, I didn't know what I'd do. I've been so lonely without you. Take my love, take my life oouu, darlin'. Hold it close, hold it dear oouu, darlin' 'cause I've been so lonely without you, I didn't know what I'd do. I've been so lonely without you. My lift bas been such an awful void of lonely days, wanderin' numb (2 'round) in a cloud of dreary haze. But, it's so good to be back home. Ya, I'm so tired of bein' alone, I've been so lonely without you. Touch my eyes make them see again, darlin'. They've lost sight, there's no lift inside them, darlin' 'cause I've been so lonely without you. I didn't know what I'd do. I've been so lonely without you. 

10 Blue, I'm so KENTUCKY BLUE. Miss my folks 'n my home (2 friends) but most of all, girl, I miss you 'n I'm so Kentucky Blue. I left for the city t' see what good I'd do. Had my dreams of riches my music to pursue. But, all I've done since I've been here is treasure thoughts of you leaving me in sorrow 'n so Kentucky Blue. I'm so afraid of failin; music's all I wanna do. So I'm fightin' with myself inside so afraid of losin' you. Girl, believe I love you please don't be with someone new 'cause, I'll be home to you 'n be true, too 'n no more Kentucky Blue. 

11 I was walking down Broadway just tbe other day when in thru a little shop window, I saw a young lady. In a new dress all 'a glowin' her happiness was showin' 'n I had to stop for the beauty of it, made me. For she was so in-her-glory 'n her proud husband was too as she fluttered about like a butterfly in the lookin' glass. Then, I saw you in her place with that smile on your face 'n oouu, how I wished I could, someday do you like that. Ya pretty, PRETTY THINGS, someday I'll get them for you for all that you do, the happiness you bring oouu, oouu pretty things for my pretty thing. Ya, you're my pretty thing. Ya say it don't matter, that ya love me anyways, but deep down inside I can tell that you're not happy 'cause your sad eyes give-away 'n it goes on day after day 'n it only makes me want more 'n more t' give my lady. 

12 God said, if only you believe. God said, if only you will try. He said, I will never leave. I'll be rigbt there by your side. God said, you will never fall. I'II be with you as you go, all you have to do is call. I say, right NOW IS THE TIME I NEED YOU MOST 'cause I just can't keep myself from slidin' as I'm climbin' up Mt. Zion. I can bear the devil callin', Lord, please help me cause I'm fallin' and I'm waitin; ob so patiently, I know you won't forsake me. Give me back the faith I've lost, now's the time I need you most. God said when you call my name, I can see inside your heart. You and I could be the same, why should we be so far apart? Give back the love you took away, give back the friendship that we knew. if you'll do these things for me, I'll give back everything to you. 

13 You're my inspiration. You're every song I write and sing for all the world to know that you're mine through wrong or right. 'Cause, whether it's tbe sad song or the tender lovin' one, they 're all written just for you and that's to who they're sung. You're my inspiration. YOU'RE MY SONGS. Everything that means a thing is rigbt where it belongs 'cause even when I leave this world my voice it may be gone, but all of how I feel still remains 'cause, honey, you're my songs. 

14 Summer came 'n summers went. The lift we knew, the days were spent. The meadows green, the skies of blue and it was ALWAYS YOU, baby, always you. The dreams like rainbows across the borizon, always runnin' 'n chasin' 'em - but never arrivin'. But mornin' would come 'n we'd still be risin; and it was always you - ya, it was always you. Life is a mystery, baby, it just keeps rollin' on by. No matter whatcha think of it, ya just never know why. No, all ya can do is try, and babe, we gave it a try and it was always you, ya, it was, always you. The regrets, dark clouds just let 'em roll across the sky. They ain't worth the worry or the tear you cry. There's only tomorrow, and if it makes ya sigh, just remember, too it was always you.

All songs by MARK BRINE © 1999
All songs publisbed by MARK BRINE MUSIC (BMI)

My father having been an artist, I was well indoctrinated from an early age with the world of art. It's been a life long and ongoing interest and love affair. It was my wife, Karen, who first brought the work of Thomas William Jones to my attention, so its all the more fitting that it should appear here on the cover of this collection of her 'favorites.' I am truly honored to have the work of such a great artist representing my music! My deepest thanks, Mark Brine.

My childhood memories are filled with places like Packard's that my family would go. Being tbe youngest, I was given the least sought after seat on tbe hump in the backseat of my father's '57 Ford between my brotber and sister. Now that I've grown a little older with a family of my own, I still find myself seeking out those same kind of places. And although the songs herein may well be my 'favorites', they depict that very rural America that I loved as a child and still do. There are truly no words to express my heartfelt thanks. But to our families, most especially Warren and Francis and Billy who may be gone but who are always in our thougbts, and to Tom Pomposello, so many lives will never be the same witbout you, and to Jim Bienemann and Linda Josepb who always gave of their time and friendship so freely, and to Rone, Jeannie, Barbara and Larry, Glen, Steve and Gail, and Tom and Carrie, thank you. I have truly been blessed. There is also someone else that I dare say without whom there never would have been a real special feelin; this one's for you, Keeve. Karen Brine.

- Mark Brine