Playlist for 18 september 2002
Long Distance for radio Hoorn in the Netherlands

 Artist           Album            Track            Label
 Carl Perkins     Sun rockabilly   Caladonia        Disky
 Jackson Browne   Songs 2          Running on empty Warner
 Reto Burrel      Shaking off      It doesn’t mean  Blue rose
                  monkeys          a thing
 Jim Roll         Inhabiting the   You              Telegraph
 Los Lobos        Goodmorning      Tony y maria     Mammoth
 Jeff Taylor      Back home        King of your     With these hands
                  someday          world
 Fred Eaglesmith  Live in          Spookin’ the
                  "Harmonie" in    horses           Eigen opname
                  Edam 27-2-2002                    voor Radio Hoorn
 Say Zuzu         Live             Lovely Mary      Broken white
 Jim Almand       Power of the     For the longest  Zuzax trax
                  spoken word      time
 The Resentments  Sunday night     We hhad it all   Blue rose
 The Rimshots     Country Hotdisc  Dancin’ shoes    Silver hearts
                  45                                rec.
 The Watchman     Carnival of      Ostend           Crs/monkeyman
 Sonia            Live at the Down Moment of glory  Winthrop rec.
 The Yearlings    The Yearlings    Stick Around     Sonic

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