"Kelly Willis sang sweetly, powerfully, and wildly, like an angel with hell-scorched wings."
Nick Tosches, Texas Monthly
[Fading Fast Cover Art]
painting by Jim Fish
"Kelly Willis comes closer than most to Patsy Cline's true spirit."
Rob Tannenbaum, Rolling Stone

If you've never heard Kelly Willis sing.....What world ARE you living in?????

[KW promo pic]
photo: by Kurt Markus

Kelly Willis is a singer/songwriter based out of Austin, Texas who has been on the national scene since 1990 when her first album "Well Traveled Love" was released.

After briefly signing with A&M Records in 1995, Kelly released a well-received EP entitled "Fading Fast" in 1996 on the label. Kelly is currently working on material for what will be her first full-length album in over three years.

This site is a place where fans can keep up on what Kelly has done in the past and what she's doing next. And if you have never heard Kelly Willis sing, I hope this site will encourage you to give one of the best voices in music today a listen.

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