Kelly Willis Audio

[kw singing pic] If you want to hear Kelly Willis sing, this page is for you. I have created a few WAV and Real Audio files from some of Kelly's songs so that you can hear one of the best voices around today.

To listen to the Real Audio files, you need to visit their web site and and download their player. You will then need to download the RA file on this Web site to your local hard drive to play it. Do not click on the RA file on this page.... just highlight it, right click, and hit the "Save link as" option.

If you are running a Windows based system with a sound card then you should be able hear the WAV files without needing special software. Remember that WAV files are quite large and can take some time to download. Just click on the WAV file that you'd like to hear to begin downloading.

I have started off with selections from Kelly's Fading Fast EP.
Selections from her other albums will be on the page soon.

[Fading Fast cover art]
painting by Jim Fish

What World Are You Living In?
WAV format 605kb

What World Are You Living In?
Real Audio format 55kb
Aren't I True
WAV format 579kb

Aren't I True
Real Audio format 75kb
Fading Fast
WAV format 647kb

Fading Fast
Real Audio format 59kb
He Don't Care About Me
WAV format 609kb

He Don't Care About Me
Real audio format 60kb


Here are some extra Real Audio files that people wanted to hear.
They are from some
compilation work that Kelly has done.

[Rig Rock Cover Art]
Truckstop Girl
Real Audio format 317kb
[Cross Three Cover]
Away In A Manger
Real Audio format 96kb
[Thelma Cover Art]
Little Honey
Real Audio format 100kb

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Color photograph of Kelly singing from the Austin American Statesman.