Kate Wolf Email Newsletter #9
February 7, 1999

Newsletter Contents
* 1999 Grammy Nomination! (Treasures Left Behind)
* Kate Wolf Memorial Festival Update
* Song Of the Month: Golden Harmony
* Song Survey Results Continued: Fan's Favorite Kate Wolf Recordings
* Daisy Petals On My Head (The Other Kate Wolf)
* Advertisement: None this time!

1999 Grammy Nomination! (Treasures Left Behind)
Emmylou Harris' rendition of Kate Wolf's "Love Still Remains", on the Kate
Wolf tribute album "Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf", received
a 1999 Grammy Nomination for Female Country Vocal Performance.
Congradulations to Emmylou!

Kate Wolf Memorial Festival Update
Plans are firming for the 4th annual festival.
When: June 26th & 27th, 1999
Where: Caswell Vineyards, Sebastopol, California
Tickets: 2-day tickets are now available: $60 advance price (707/829-7067)
The Close-To-Final Performer Lineup:
Saturday, June 26th
Solid Air
Terry Garthwaite
Lucy Kaplansky
Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin w/Utah Phillips
Cache Valley Drifters
Break: with workshops
Mollie O'Brien Band
John Gorka
Dave Alvin w/ acoustic band
Emcee TBD
Sunday, June 27th
Bodie Wagner
Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald
Barbara Higbie Trio w/David Balakrishnan & Nina Gerber
Rosalie Sorrels with Nina Gerber, Barbara Higbie & Bruce Barthol
Peter Rowan & The Rowan Brothers
Break: with workshops
Eric Bibb
Iris Dement
Greg Brown
Utah Phillips, Emcee
Stay tuned to for future details.
Hope to see you there!

Song Of the Month: Golden Harmony
Our 7th Kate Wolf Song of the Month is another tune that has never appeared
on any recording.  For the month of February, you can listen to an entire
performance of Golden Harmony from the Kate Wolf Archives.  

Like Give Yourself To Love, which celebrates a new union, Golden Harmony is
a celebration of a new life.  Kate wrote this song after the birth of
Arnold George Schroder, the son of the author of The Redtail Hawk.  The
senior George Schroder was an early musical friend and mentor for Kate, as
she demonstrated in the chorus:
      You who touched my life
            and made me try my melodies
      I'm so happy for you now
            and your woman in her hour
      Of golden harmony

And the whole thing can he heard at  There's also a recording of
Kate talking about Golden Harmony.

Fan's Favorite Kate Wolf Recordings Part 2
For those of you who haven't made it to the Official Kate Wolf Website to
see the list of fans' favorite songs, here's the list continued from the
last newsletter.
6.  Green Eyes
7.  Carolina Pines
8.  Here In California
9.  Brother Warrior
10. The Redtail Hawk
The entire list of Top 50 songs can be found on the Official Kate Wolf
Website at

Daisy Petals On My Head (The Other Kate Wolf)
You may have seen an album called Daisy Pedals (sic) On My Head with the
name "Kate Wolf" on it.  This album does not feature our Kate Wolf, but is
a work by someone else who also uses that name.  She is based in Seattle,
Washington.  Be aware that recordings by both Kate Wolfs may appear
together in retail and online stores.

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