Townes Van Zandt Jukebox - Music Samples


Acknowledgements to Marq for the name change!

from an unreleased tape by Trees and Frenk

8-bit, 16K mono AU samples - added 1/15/97:
Nothing (1.5 MB, 3:14)
The Highway Kind (1.1 MB, 2:19)
Blaze's Blues (1.3 MB, 2:50)

from KGSR FM 1/19/95:

8-bit, 8K mono AU sample:
Katie Belle Blue (1.1 MB, 2:15)

from Abnormal:

8-bit, 16K mono AU samples:
Snake Mountain Blues (1.9 MB, 2:03)
Old Shep (with intro) (2.1 MB, 2:09)

from Rear View Mirror:

8-bit, 8K mono WAV samples:
Our Mother the Mountain (250KB, :32)
Lungs (541KB, 1:09)
Dollar Bill Blues (complete!: 1.08MB, 2:20)
Tower Song (509KB, 1:05)
Waitin Around to Die (462KB, :59)
Colorado Girl (573KB, 1:13)

8-bit, 11K stereo WAV samples:
Brother Flower (1MB, :47)
Rex's Blues (1MB, :49)

from Soundtrack for the Novel "Where Love Goes" (with Jonell Mosser):

8-bit, 8K mono WAV samples:
If I Needed You (874KB, 1:52)

from Tape Collection Rareties (Road Songs II?):

16-bit, 8K mono AU samples:
Hobo Bill {by J. Rogers} (20/Oct/70 WBAI Bob Fass) (734KB, :46) Complete! (3.4MB, 3:37)
Cause Your Mine {by Stonewall Jackson} (20/Oct/70 WBAI Bob Fass) (292KB, :19) Complete! (2.9MB, 3:03)
Farther Along {Public Domain} (20/Oct/70 WBAI Bob Fass) (8-bit WAV, 312KB, :40) Complete! (8 bit WAV, 1.4MB, 2:59)
You Win Again {Hank Williams} (14/Sep/91) (314KB, :20) Complete! (3.2MB, 3:27)
Lost Highway {?} (25/Oct/93 Eindhoven) (8-bit WAV 566KB, 1:13)
Colorado Girl--> Tom Thumb's Blues {Dylan} (25/Oct/93 Eindhoven) (8-bit WAV 373KB, :48) Complete! (8-bit WAV 2.0MB, 4:13)

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