In my hour of darkness

G                                                             C
In my hour of darkness in my time of need
D7                                       C                            G
Oh Lord, grant me wisdom oh, Lord grant me speed

G                                                                             C
Once I knew a young man went driving through the night
D7                                         G       C                        GFG
miles and miles without a word but just his high beam lights
     C                       G                                      C                  G      D7
Who'd have ever thought they'd build such a deadly Denver bend
C  C7                                   G   C                      G     D7
to be so strong, to last so long as it would till the end.

Another young man safely, strummed his silver stringed guitar
He played to people ev'rywhere some say he was a star.
But he was just a country boy, his simple songs confess
And the music he had in him so very few possess.
But in my hour of darkness ...

The ther was an old man kind and wise with age
And he read me just like a book never missed a page
And loved him like a father, and I loved him like my friend
And I knew his time could shortly come but I did not know just when.
In my hour of darkness ...

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