Tarmac by Hazeldine (transcribed by Sebastian Mende & Hans Settler)

Tonya Lamm - guitar, accordian, vocals
Shawn Barton - guitar, vocals
Anne Tkach - bass, background vocals
Jeffrey Richards - drums, guitar, banjo

This town forgets to draw ist blinds 
I see the last-ditch carnal crimes 
I hear the sadness holler 
it speaks to me 
I finger 
you as the bad guy 
riding in high-style 
horse draw-man,gun draw-man, black cowboy-hat / (?) 

I´m sleeping couchside TV glows 
with all the last-ditch midnight shows 
A mal-recount we muster (? a mellow recount ?) 
atrocity I wish that 
You come back to me 
turn off my TV 
hold me close 
and kiss me low 
and fuck me like Batman. 
I know my wishes won´t come true 
I hate the bitterness in you 
rainclouds conspire against me 
the heavens cry for only 
one broken promise 
you held against this 
blood flowing 
and scars showing 
and you won´t be back