Subject:  [Hazeldine] Here We Come!!
Date:      Wed, 11 Apr 2001 21:12:23 -0000
From:     "Shawn" 

Hello ,

Below find the most recent tourdates available.  They are very much like Hans' last post, but there is an added date in Amsterdam with the Lazy Sunday Dreamers and more info on our opening acts.

One big piece of news:  
Mr. Neal Casal is coming with us as third guitar/vocals!  

We tried to keep it a secret for a while, but it is officially out now.  We are so lucky to have him, as he JUST got off tour with Lucinda Williams, and because "Anytime Tomorrow" was my favorite record of last year.  To be able to play with him is such an honor.  We are also bringing John Hummel to play drums, Neal's touring guy.  For those of you that have seen Neal play live, you understand that this touring band is the strongest we've ever had!  We are also bringing a keyboards with us this time for depth and atmostphere...our first time ever.  We are so excited about this band, you guys.  

Another piece of news:  Tonya will be five months pregnant when we get there, and six and half months by the time we finish, so she will need some extra support.  We are bringing a friend with us from Raliegh to help her carry her gear, bring her water to the stage (with ice cubes!!), and soundcheck for her.  As a special consideration for her condition we are asking that all the 

fans that smoke please do so at the BACK of the club.  

I know this is a lot to ask, but she is unbelievably sensitive to cigarettes now and we need to try to make it bearable for her.  This tour might end up being really difficult for her and there might be a night or two that she will have to stay in the hotel.  Neal, Anne and I are preparing to do her songs for her on those nights.  

IT'S A GIRL!!!  (you are the first to hear it) Yippee!!

We are playing the Orange Blossom Fest on Saturday night, but will be back on Sunday after our early show at Pfingsten to catch the rest of the fest.  This is truly the best festival on earth and we hope to see LOTS of you there!!

I just sent off our new t-shirt design and it's way cool....a black t-shirt with red/orange writing.  We will also have shirts for the girls this time, and as a special bonus we are HAND-DRAWING each of them....a real collector's item!!  We will also have "Double Back" and "Orphans" cds, and our extremely cool poster.  

I have promised to keep a tour diary this time (so many people have asked!), so if you see me scribbling in a notebook you'll know what I'm writing.  You can look for the diary on our website after we return at

What else??

I leave for New York tomorrow for a week, then I'm down to Raliegh for a week of rehearsals with the band.  I believe we are flying into the UK on the 29th to begin.  

We promise to bring the rock, and we hope that each and every one of you can come and help us celebrate love and music and babies and all those things that make life worth living.  Don't be afraid to come and say hello to me at any of the shows, okay?

--Hans, could you please post this on your fabulous website?  Especially the part about Tonya and cigarettes?  thanks so much.
See you all soon, and we hope you enjoy listening to "Double Back" as much as we had creating it.  

Love from the ladies,
Shawn Hazeldine

hazeldine in 2001
01.05.UK Nottingham - Maze
02.05.UK London ---- The Underworld
03.05.UK Manchester - University
06.05.UK-Sheffield - The Boardwalk
07.05. UK-Sunderland - The Ropery
08.05.UK - Birmingham - Ceol Castle
09.05.NL-Amsterdam - Maloe Melo w/l.s.d.
10.05.D-Krefeld - Spexx /w Neal Casal solo
11.05.D-Köln - Kantine /w Neal Casal solo
12.05.D-Geislingen - Raetschenmühle /w Neal Casal solo
14.05.D-Karlsruhe - Jubez
15.05.D-Frankfurt - Der Sinkkasten
16.05.CH-Zürich - Moods /w Neal Casal solo
17.05.D-Tuttlingen - Rittergarten
19.05.SLO-Ljubliana - Orto Klub
20.05.CRO-Zagreb - KSET
21.05.A-Wien - Chelsea
23.05.D-München - Atomic Cafe
25.05.D-Dresden - Starclub /w Neal Casal solo
26.05.D-Berlin - Knaack /w Neal Casal solo
27.05.D- Bielefeld - Forum /w Neal Casal solo
29.05.D-Oberhausen - Druckluft w/ jim wayne swingtett
30.05.D-Münster - Gleis 22 w/the rondelles
31.05.D-Bremen - Lagerhaus
01.06.D-Hannover - Glocksee w/Go To Blazes
02.06.D-Beverungen - Orange Blossom Festival
03.06.D-Bevern - Pfingsten in Forst
04.06.D-Hamburg - Logo