Subject: Hazeldine reviews
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 11:37:24 -0700
From: "Shawn Barton"

Hi to all,

Lief in Denmark just sent me this list of recent internet reviews, for those
of you interested
in digging through them.  The last one (in english) is a good read from a
day long ago...


Looking for album reviews I think it looks like "Double Back" still isn´t
released in the States - at least it´s not available from Amazon - but
here´s some reading stuff, quite a lot in german.

A newer review
City-Guide Köln - Event

And probably one of the first reviews from march

Home of Rock - CD-Review - Hazeldine - Double Back

And a good one


Try out your eyetalian!

- or french?
Fargo Records - Artists - Hazeldine - Bio

Here you can give your own points for the album!
and I´m pleased to see, that there is a link to Hans´ Insurgentcountry page
and - even a link to our mailing list!
Plattentests online - Das Beste aus Rock und Independent

Here the CD is Herausragend
Blue Mountain, Hazeldine, Hank Shizzoe doesn´t have "Double Back" but the UK department has, and there
are two customer reviews to be found here At a glance: Double Back
(actually only lists Orphans - and that´s out of stock!!!)

Rated with 8 points

VISIONS - Platten

Really good!

Hinternet-Rezension: Hazeldine - Doubleback

A terrible review of the acoustic concerts in early spring!!! > Twang! > Blue Highways 2001

Oh yeah, Hamburg!

Hamburg Pur - Das Infowebzine

Intro to the may concerts

GIG - musik - GIGs

Intro to Karlsruhe concert

"Klappe auf - Das Kulturmagazin für die Region Karlsruhe "

And then I also happened to find mr. Fuderer´s excellent concert reviews
from the early years (in english)