FROM HANK TO HENDRIX                                                                                                                  
by Neil Young                                                                                                       Neil Young       

intro G/Bm/C/Am/Em/G/C/Am

G                       Bm     C                                          Am

From Hank to Hendrix - I walked these streets with you

Em                          G                C               Am

Here I am with this old guitar - Doin' what I do.

G                Bm      C                                      Am

I always expected - That you would see me through

Em             G                 C                         Am/G/G/

I never believed in much - But I believed in you.

F            F                                   C                       G

Can we get it together - Can we still stand side by side

F              F              C                     G  (intro)

Can we make it last - Like a musical ride?

From Marilyn to Madonna - I always loved your smile

Now we're headed for the big dovorce - California-style.

I found myself singin' - Like a long-lost friend

The same thing that makes you live - Can kill you in the end.

Can we get it together ...

Sometimes it's distorted - Not clear to you

Sometimes the beauty of love - Just comes ringin' through.

New glass in the window - New leaf on the tree

New distance between us - You and me.

Can we get it together ...

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