"Here for now"

What happens when you mix classic influences like The Band, The Allman Brothers, Neil Young, Big Star, Petty, Dylan and the Stones with the modern influences of The Replacements, Uncle Tupelo, Steve Earle and The Jayhawks?

You wind up in HANGTOWN!

HANGTOWN is a '90s roots rock alterna-band on the move. By blending classic rock and alternative influences, HANGTOWN is quickly heading to the forefront of the Americana music scene.

HANGTOWN arrived on the Americana music scene in the summer of '98. After two nation ally and internationally distributed albums released on New York-based Big Deal Records, singer/songwriter/guitarist Ted Lukas split from Tampa pop legends Barely Pink; a band he start ed in the fall of '94. Seeking to develop his interests in Americana, Lukas let his songwriting lead him and his new bandmates into the heart of what is now known as HANGTOWN.

These new bandmates include Aaron Akers on bass (another former Barely Pink member), Kerry Toole (former drummer for BLUE HEART RECORDS' Leonard Croon Band), and ace guitarist Finn Walling.

Soon to be released on BLUE HEART RECORDS, a label started by recognized Tampa recording artist Ronny Elliott, HANGTOWN's 10-song CD "Here For Now" is Americana at its best. "Here For Now," engineered by Steve Connelly (Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, Ronny Elliott & The Nationals, The Headlights), was co-produced by Connelly and HANGTOWN. All sessions were recorded and mixed at Seminole Florid~'s Zen Den.

HANGTOWN has often been referred to by the press as Tampa's own "Sultans of Twang." Sample their 10-song CD "Here for Now," and call the number below today for bookings and more information.

Available through Redeye Distribution 336-578-7300
UPC code #634457117020
Also available through Miles of Music mail order catalog
For Bookings and Info. Call TED LUKAS 727-799-4412