GYPSY RIDER                                                                                                                  
by Gene Clark                                                                                                                Gene Clark & Carla Olson 

                 Am             Em                  Dm               F

Crank her over once again - Put your face into the wind

C                   G                                    F 

Find another road where you're never been.

             Am                 Em          Dm                   F 

Sing that 2-wheel melody - The highway symphony

C                        G               Am

You know, she never understands.

             Am     Em             Dm                     F

Gypsy Rider Scene - Your 2-wheel symphony

C                          G                   Am

You know there's nothing to explain.

                             Am        Em    Am                        F

She should have known by now - You're just a vagabond

C                       G                    Em

You may never pass this way again.

               Am               Em           Dm                F

All the writings on the wall - The paper all must fall

C                         G                                          F 

You know you're only as good as you were remain.

                 Am                Em         Dm                    F 

You can't take i out with you - beside to follow through

C                                                 G                         Am 

Just take what you weren't - and leave what you remain.


Gypsy Rider ....

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