"Hi! We're the
Ghost Rockets"
Having been called everything from "odd-ball geniuses" (our favorite so far) to
"a twang-core version of The Partridge Family" (we're still mulling that one over),
Hoboken, New Jersey's very own GHOST ROCKETSare bringing all new meanings
to the words "country" AND "western". Yet despite all their lyrical and wardrobical
idiosyncrasies, not to mention always unfailingly up-to-the-minute theories on the
Spade Cooley assassination, these Rockets really are, first and foremost, MUSICIANS;
and of long and lumpy pedigree they'll have you know.
Masters between them of, at last count, forty-three stringed instruments, these are fellas
that can write, sing AND play 'em as few anymore actually care to. In fact, no less than
Bob Dylan Hisself said they "can write melodies to beat the band", though he WAS
walking about somebody else at the time. Rocket by Rocket, they are:

Guitarist / banjoist /saucier-extrodinaire, it was Buddy who, late one night whilst piloting
a loaded U-Haul out of Manhattan, turned to the passenger seat and exclaimed, "Let's
start a country band, okay?"

In between mouthfuls of Weetabix, his hand forever in search of exact change for the roll
booth, Gary replied, "Well, I guess", sent to Canada for his cherished Martin Sigmatic,
and then asked Buddy how to play an F-chord.

Fortunately, wily bassist-about-town Mick knows where both the F AND the F-Sharp is,
so was immediately forced to throw his lot, stock and picnic barrel into the band and has
been heard from, happily, ever since.

Veteran of more bands and all-girl colleges than you can shake a web browser at, Bob nor
only brought his pedal steel and assorted lengths of corrugated metal shavings to the operation,
but can always be relied upon to find an open deli, no matter what the state or time of night,
just as the group runs out of breakfast cereal.

Alongside whatever fiddlers and drummists that are corralled into service at any given
engagement, THE GHOST ROCKETS are a band that hasn't once failed to amuse, amaze,
and at least startle any venue, any audience, and usually even one another. Their appearances
on one Swedish and two Canadian CD compilations have even struck terror into the heart
of unsuspecting European playlists, and the guys have got four or five actual albums in the
works as we speak.###

201.963.6555 /
PO Box 1023 Hoboken NJ 07030 USA
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