The Floating Folk Festival


Planetary Records

The Floating Folk FestIval sets saIl again!

The Floating Folk Festival is a Richmond, VA based collective of acoustic singerlsongwriters that was founded by musician, artist and producer Brooke Saunders. The group has grown since their first Planetary release, Floating Folk Festival Vol.1, but their mission remains the same -- to create a unified platform for local musicians and to provide each other with mutual support. Several of the artists from the first compilation return again for Volume 2, but there are also some new faces in the crowd. The CD features 15 songs by 15 artists.

Floating Folk Festival Volume 2 runs the gamut of folk music--from comedy to tragedy, and the sacred to the profane. You'll hear the full spectrum of the Richmond folk movement: solo projects and group efforts, veterans and newcomers, male artists and female artists. With several hundred shows under their combined belts, it's time you gave these fine folks a listen.

"The Floating Folk Festival is a movable feast of song!"
Dirty Linen


1) William & Denise Perritt (with Barnabus Jones)
Nobody Knows That Music...
2) Van Driver
Dearest Elle
3) Kate Lawton
Mother and Child: Selma's Song
4) Mattew Costello
Diggin' for Elvis
5) Stephen Christoff
Jumping Out Of One Story Buildings
6) Eileen
Water Tdcklln'
7) Brooke Saunders
Train to Paris
8) Gerry Laverty
Find a Liffle Bit Out (About Her)
9) May-Lily Lee
Wanna Love
10) Texas Ed
If I Turn Country
11) Circuit Riders
Biloxi Queen
12) Regan
Talk To Me
13) Harry Gore
Wretched Man
14) Chris Lucas
Crashing Down
15) Pam McCarthy
Age of Forgiveness