Subject: Fallen Eagle Hillman/Manassas Chords/Words From: RICKL1@IX.NETCOM.COM Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 02:23:16 GMT Message-ID: <5g7klb$> post corrections please Manassas The Fallen Eagle E Sing to the fallen eagle A Helicopters fly A Chase him 'round the mountains E Chase him 'til he dies They say that it's good sportin' A Shootin' him on the wing Above the roar and clatter E You can hear your rifle sing D A E his death song it won't be long E Sing to the western rancher A The eagle takes his land E He's got a thousand others he don't give a dam A Get up with the sunrise everybody gather round E D A Hit him with the first shot he'll turn and bring you down down down E Crash on the ground E A Sing to the golden eagle help is on the way E A government team of experts is rushing to your aid A I know your not excited an eagle is no where Fly on up to Canada E D A E This country isn't safe anymore that's for sure From The Manassas LP 1972 Atlantic Records