Edges from Postcard 3
"Twangfest 3"

Twangfest 3

Yes twang lovers, another year has come and gone in the life of Postcard2, the Net's most populous, populist, and potentially mindaltering twang list. 1999 will see the third annual Twangfest take place in St. Louis, MO, June 10-12, drawing together P2 regulars, weasels, and fans-from Australia to the exotic dives of Montreal and Norway-for a three-day, fifteen-band, no-holds-barred throwdown. Here, along with the annual Twangfest, we give you "Edge5 from the Postcard 3," another message from the fringes of that nameless creole heart of American Music, located somewhere between the Memphises and Austins of the mind. The acts you're hearing here are P2 artists and friends. All have donated their talent and time to help spread the word about this music and about Twangfest, the world's only non-profit, by the people and for the people, web-generated twang music festivaL So pull up a chair and enjoy some P2 music, vintage '99. 

Muchos smooches
The Twang Gang: Marie Arsenault, Junior Barnard, Matt Benz, Amy Haugesag, Kip Loui, Dave Purcell, John Wendland, Mark Wyatt.

Thanks to:
KDHX FM 88.1 in St Louis, Miles of Music, Village Records, Vintage Vinyl, No Depression, The Riverfront Times, all the FRIENDS of Twangfest (god bless ya), Jayne Cravens, Meshel Watkins, Bill Silvers, Jamie DePolo, Chris Knaus, Don Yates and Laura Levy (dad and mom), Dale, Stu at Hayden's Ferry Records, Cheryl Cline, and P2-ers everywhere.

The  songs:

1.The Coal Porters-The Rate of Exchange
(S. Griffin/S. Wynn; Coal Train Music/Palson Brisket, admin. by Bug Music, BMI)
Sid Griffin:lead vocals, guitars, autoharp;
Rob Childs: lead guitar, pedal steel, backing vocals;
Pat McGarvey: bass, backing vocals;
Will Morrison:drums, logging, backing vocals.
Produced by Sid Griffin.
The Coal Porters appear courtesy of Prima Records Ltd.

2. Hillbilly IDOL -It All Depends on You
(P. Kovac; BMI)
Paul Kovac: lead vocal, acoustic guitar;
Dave Huddleston: electric guitar harmony vocal;
Al Moss: pedal steel;
Bill Watson:upright bass;
Scott Flowers: drums;
special guest Denny Jones: fiddle.
Produced by Hillbilly IDOL.

3. One Fell Swoop - Water's Deep
Cheryl Stryker: vocals;
Andy Ploof:vocals, mandolin;
John Wendland: guitar;
Mike Tiefenbrun: bass;
Spencer Marquart: drums.
Produced by One Fell Swoop.
One Fell Swoop appears courtesy of Magoo Records.

4. Wooden Leg - Your Best Friend
(J. Ryan; Sanguine Citrus, BMI) 
Jimmy Ryan: vocals, mandolin; 
Joe Kessler: fiddle; 
Brian Dunton: bass; 
Mikey Bones: drums; 
Blake Hazard: harmony vocals. 
Wooden Leg appears courtesy of Hoedown Records.

5. Hayseed - CoLd Feet
(C. Wyant Music; admin. by Bug Music, BMI)
Hayseed: vocals; 
Richard "Hombre" Price: acoustic guitar; 
Tramp: fiddle; 
Vincent Farsetta: banjo; 
Markie Sanders: upright bass; 
Jim Fungaroli: Dobro; 
Larry Marrs: background vocals. 
Produced by Hayseed and Hombre.

6. The Rockhouse Ramblers - Bloody Williamson
(0. Farrar) 
Dade Farrar: vocals, upright bass;
Kip Loui, vocals, acoustic guitar; 
Gary Hunt: lead guitar; 
John Horton: 2nd lead guitar;
Danny Kathriner: drums. 
Produced by The Rockhouse Ramblers

7. The Sovines - About a Hundred Years Ago
(M. Benz; Semi-Tone) 
Bob Starker: lead vocal;
Hoff Benz: electric guitar backing vocals; 
Pete English: drums, acoustic guitar backing vocals; 
Ed Mann: bass, backing vocals; 
guest Barry Hensley: pedal steeL 
The Sovines appear courtesy of Kingpin Records

8. Jim Stringer and the Austin Music Band - I FeeL Better (Since You're Gone)
(J. Stringer; Little Book Music, BMI) 
Jim Stringer: lead vocal, guitar; 
Alan Barnet: vocals;
Boomer Norman: guitar; 
T Jarrod Bonta: piano;
Cari Keesee: bass; 
Lee Potter: drums 
Produced by Jim Stringer. Jim Stringer and the Austin Music Band 
appear courtesy of The Music Room.

9. The Meat Purveyors - Hanged Man
(B. Anderson; BMI) 
Jo Walston: vocals; 
Cherilyn DiMond: bass, vocals; 
Bill Anderson: guitar; 
Pete Stiles: mandolin. 
Produced by Pete Stiles and The Meat Purveyors. 
The Meat Purveyors appear courtesy of Bloodshot Recordi

10. Fear & Whiskey - What's the Matter With You?
(B. Dillingham; Triple Deuce Music) 
Bret Dillingham: rhythm guitar vocals; 
Junior Barnard: lead guitar; 
Ross Black: bass; 
Nick CanoIL drums, harmony vocals. 
Produced by U. Rose. 
Fear & Whiskey appear on their own recognizance.

11. Mark Rubin and his Ridgetop Syncopators - The Devil's Dream
(trad., arr.  E. Fremerman) 
Elana Fremerman: fiddIe; 
Whit Smith: guitar; 
Mike Maddux: accordion;
Steve Schwelling: trap kit; 
Mark Rubin: string bass
Recorded Live at KUT Center for Telecommunications Broadcasting, Studio lA,
University of Texas at Austin; Walter Morgan, engineer. 
Whit and Elana appear courtesy of Hot Club of Cowtown. Mark appears courtesy of Bad Livers.

12. Belle Starr - Gotta Be a Better Way
(K. Loui; Kaplooey Music, BMI) 
Kip Loui: vocals, acoustic guitar; 
Lynne Reif: vocals; 
John Horton: lead guitar; 
Dave Hilditch: bass; 
Bill Yaeger: drums 
Produced by Belle Starr and David Toretta. 
Belle Starr appears courtesy of Hayden's Ferry Records

13. Kelly Kessler - Well of Tears
(K. Kessler; Blame It on Bristol Music, BMI) 
Kelly Kessler: vocal, acoustic and electric guitar; 
T. C. Furiong: pedal steel; 
Lennie Dietsch: mandolin;
Brett Simons: bass, baritone, & electric guitars;
Gerald Dowd: drums 
Produced by Brett Simons.

14. The Ex-Husbands - Gear - Jammin' Daddy
(A. Thomsen; I'm A Good Man Music, admin. by Bug Music, BMI) 
Anders Thomsen: lead vocals, guitars; 
Michael Howard Smith: drums, background vocals; 
Mark Miller: bass, background vocals. 
Produced by The Ex-Husbands 
The Ex-Husbands appear courtesy of Tar Hut Records
http://www. theexhusbands.com

15. Prospect Hill - My Turn to Laugh
(J. Weisberger; copyright control) 
Ed Cunningham: lead vocal, electric mandolin; 
Scott Risner: tenor vocal, guitars; 
Chuck Wiggins: keyboard; 
Jon Weisberger: bass; 
Jim Lawson: drums

16. One Riot One Ranger - Three-Wheelin'
(C. Yaffey/Rangers; Symbolic Gesture Music, BMI admin. by Bug Music) 
Mark Gaskill: guitar; 
Pete Remenyi: Dobro; 
Chas Williams: mandolin; 
Mark Wyatt: bass; 
Carl Yaffey: banjo. 
Produced by Bil VornDick. 
One Riot One Ranger appears courtesy of Hayden's Ferry Records

17. Jim Roll - Another Lover (I Never Had)
(J. Roll; Housesitter Musk, BMI) 
Jim Roll: vocals, rhythm guitar; 
Chris Casello: lead guitar;
Rich Griffith: bass; 
Geoff Curran: drums.
Produced by Jim Roll 
Jim Roll Band appears courtesy of One Hand Clapping Records

18. Weedpatch - 50 Miles of Bad Road
(0. Evans; Flying DiVerde Music) 
O'Neill Evans: vocals, guitars, tremolo feedback, a.m. radio;
Jim Wright: keyboards; 
George Edmundson: bass; 
Bill See: drum loops, backup vocals.
Produced by Bill See and O'Neill Evans