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Dead Flowers   (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)

Dead Flowers
(Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)

(D)When you're Sitting (A)Their In your(G) Silk upholstered(D) Chair
Talking with those(A) Rich folks that you (G)know
I (D) hope you don't see(A) me in my (G) Ragged Comp(D)any
Cause you know I could never (A)stand to be (G)alone

(D)Take me(A) Down little Suzy  Take me(D) Down
(A)God Knows you think you're the Queen of the Under(D)ground 
(G)You Can send me Dead Flowers every (D) Morning
(G)Send me dead flowers by the (D)Mail
(G)Send me Dead Flowers to my (D) Wedding
And I won't (D)Forget to put(A) Roses on your(G) Grave

(D)When Your sitting (A) Back
in your (G)rose pink(D) Cadillac
Making bets at the(A) Kentucky derby(G) Day
(D)I'll be in my Basement(A) Room
with a(G) needle and a(D) Spoon
And Another girl she'll(A) take my Pain (G) Away


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