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Billy Austin   (Steve Earle)
Close Your Eyes   (Steve Earle)
The Other Kind   (Steve Earle)

Billy Austin

(Steve Earle)

D  Dsus2  D sus4 D  

Song: (chords and verse are all the same)

   D             G
My name is Billy Austin

        A                 D
And I'm twenty-nine years old

      G           D
I was born in oklahoma

        Bm                        Bm A G
Quarter Cherokee I'm told

Don't remember Oklahoma

        G                 A 
Been so long since I left home

           G                   Bm
Seems like I've always been in prison

     G                Bm      A  D
like I've always been alone

"The chords just repeat over and over for the rest of the song. It's best fingerpicked on an accoustic with little accompaniment (just like the man does it himself)."

provided courtesy of   (Barry Markey)

Close Your Eyes

(Steve Earle)

[G] [C] [D] 4X
[G]I dreamed you were [C]standing
On the [D]edge of the [G]world.
And I thought I [C]heard you call [D]out.
[G]With one foot on the [C]rock,
And [D]one on the [G]cloud.
Was [C]it just the [G]wind that I [D]heard.

[C]Close [G]your [D]eyes.
The [C]world won't [D]spinning you [G]know.
[C]Close [G]your [D]eyes.
[C]Why don't [D]you just let [G]go.[C][D]
[G] [C] [D]

[G]Thousands of [C]people, [D]searchin' out [G]there.
Most of em, [C]lookin' for [D]love.
But [G]nothing is [C]something,
that [D]there's plenty [G]of.
[C]In time we'll [G]all get our [D]share.

[C]Close [G]your [D]eyes.
The [C]world won't [D]spinning you [G]know.
[C]Close [G]your [D]eyes.
[C]Why don't [D]you just let [G]go.[C][D]
[G] [C][D] 3X
{ repeat chords to the chorus}
[G] [C][D] 3X

[G]When I was a [C]child,
and they [D]put me to [G]bed.
They always took [C]care that I [D]prayed.
But the [G]part that goes,
"If [C]I should [D]'fore I [G]wake".
[C]Echoed all [G]night through my [D]head.

[C]Close [G]your [D]eyes.
The [C]world won't [D]spinning you [G]know.
[C]Close [G]your [D]eyes.
[C]Why don't [D]you just let [G]go.[C][D]
[C]Close [G]your [D]eyes.
The [C]world won't stop [D]spinning you [G]know.
[C]Close [G]your [D]eyes.
[C]Why don't [D]you just let [G]go.Woooooo[C][D]

provided courtesy of   (Doug West)

The Other Kind

(Steve Earle)

I woke up this morning and I
C                     D          G    C    D
took a look around at all that I got
These days I've been lookin' in the mirror and
C                   D          G           C    D
wondering if that's me lookin' back or not
G                         D
I'm still the apple of my mama's eye
G                          D
I'm my daddy's worst fears realized
Em                    C
Here of late all this real estate
                    D              C     Bm
don't seem all that real to me sometimes

    Am               G          C   G   D
I'm back out on that road again
                  G           C   G   D
Turn this beast into the wind
                     G              C    G   D
There are those that break and bend
              G      C  G  D
I'm the other kind,
              G    C   D   G   C   D
I'm the other kind

Now my old buddy, what's his name, says,
 C            D                      G    C    D
"Man what the hell are you thinkin' 'bout
Fool, you got two of everything, but you
C                   D            G               C   D
hang your head just like you was down and out."        And I'm
G                              D
damn sure not suffering from a lack of love
G                              D
There's plenty more where that came from
Ah - but leave it up to me to say
C                   D            C   Bm
something wrong and hurt someone   before I'm done


You see it used to be I was really free I didn't
C           D           G   C   D
need no gasoline to run
Before you could say Jack Kerouac you'd
C                  D           G   C   D
turn your back and I'd be gone
G                      D
Yeah nowadays I got me two good wheels
G                     D
and I seek refuge in aluminum and steel
Em                                   C
Aw, it takes me out there for just a little while
        D           C        Bm
And the years fall away with every mile


provided courtesy of:   (David J. Carlyon)

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