The last lonely eagle                                                                                                                  
by                                                                                            The New Riders of the Purple Sage

                 Bm                   C              G

If you go down round the bend in the river

                  Bm             Am7             C                G

You gonna find a few changes been going down there.

                                     Bm                  C             G

´Cause the people who live round the bend in the river

                                   Bm                          C               G

Have forgotten their dreams and they have cut off their hair.

G                D                              C            G

And take a last flying look at the last lonely eagle.

          D               C                G

He´s soaring the length of the land.

             D                               C             G

Shed a tear for the fate of the last lonely eagle

                 D                C            G

For you know that he never will land.

If you go down where the lights push the might time

Back far enough - so you can´t feel the fear.

Remember the boy who you left on the mountain

Who´s sitting alone with these stars and his tears.

And take a last flying look ...


If you go down to the gas powered flat light

Where most of the people just think that they´re free.

Remember the peace that you had on the mountain

Come back to the love that you had here with me.

And take a last flying lool ...

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