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"The Hemingway of country music" --Nanci Griffith
Richard Dobson is a poet, a musical visionary whose songs are timeless vignettes, everyday tales of everyday folk. So far fame has eluded this Texan giant but like Guy Clark he refuses to forego his artistic principles in the search for money and glory. The days his fan club includes John Prine, Steve Earle and Nanci Grifth, whose plugging of her hero in concert has done the man's career no harm at all. Dobson hails from Texas but he travelled extensively, learning to play guitar in South America. Faced by the draft in the sixties, Dobson enrolled at the University of St. Thomas, Houston, and joined the Peace Corps. He served a musical apprenticeship in Texas folk clubs alongside Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt, then it was off to Nashville but few of his songs, save a David Allan Coe cut of Piece of Wood And Steel were being recorded. He quit Nashville for the Texas Gulf Coast and released an album, In Texas Last December. From that point he picked up a larger following culminating with a cover of Babe Ride Easy in Dave Edmunds and Carlene Carter which persuaded him to give Nashville another shot. He's still there, still a cult act and writer and still making records. His latest, State of the Heart, is a live album and deserves more than mail order promotion. Nanic Giffith calls him "the Hemingway of Country Music" and it's almost a crime that more people haven't discovered the sensitivity and poetry of Richard Dobson.
-- Andrew Vaughan, St. Martin's Press / New York

Currently available from NOMA:
One Bar Town $14.95
CD Cover
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16 tracks, including:
One Bar Town 52 Seconds, 209 Kb
Bus Stop Coffee 54 Seconds, 214 Kb
Stranger 53 Seconds, 213 Kb

Back Tracks $14.95
CD Cover
A compilation CD with 21 tracks from two earlier releases, Save The World - and - True West

Richard Dobson has additional releases available on Brambus Records

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