Maybe we'll just disappear
                                                               Kimmie Rhodes and Waylon Jennings

C                                                                              F
Lately you look like you're wondering which way to go
Babe, I don't know.
Maybe we'll drop through the trap door of wisdom untold
                                                   G  G  G
that'll lead us down pathways of gold
       C                                                                            F
Or just like the plan for the hungry or the wars that we wage
I guess that its likely someday
that maybe we'll just disappear.

                               F                     G
Like one of those stories about UFOs
                C                 C7    F
dinosaur bones or the dust bowl
       C        G                              C
oh baby, maybe we'll just disappear.


Wish I could unravel the mystery you hold in your soul

oh, but how would I know.

We could go over the edge that we been living on

for so long.

Or in our biographies, maybe our normal will change

when we reach the next page

or maybe we'll just disappear.

Like one of those stories about UFOs

the Berlin wall or the buffalos

Oh, Baby, maybe we'll just disappear.

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