Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics
Number One Hit Record!
1. Mexicali Rose
2. Can't See The Forest For the Trees
3. Hot Rod Queen
4. Snatch It & Grab It
5. Lady Killin' Papa
6. Feelin' Low
7. What's That Cookin'
8. Jumpin' Bean - (with Larry Collins)
9. End Of The Line, The
10. Sparkin'
11. Introduction By Claude Trenier
12. Poon-Tang
13. Guitar In Orbit Pt. 37
14. I Gotta Date To Cut A Cake
15. Peroxide Blonde
16. Long Time In The Ground

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Formerly of the rockabilly/hillbilly-minded Dave & Deke Combo and veteran of countless recording sessions, double-neck-guitar maestro Deke Dickerson goes solo with the facetiously-titled Number One Hit Record!. No big surprises here: The pleasant-voiced Dickerson serves up a retro-minded stew of 'billy, country, swing, boogie, and rock & roll that showcases the artist's tasteful and fluid six-string work. Don't look for much emotional depth--the corny "What's That Cookin'," for example, explores chicken dinner while the cover of the Treniers' 1952 classic, "Poon-Tang," is about... well, if you don't know, don't ask--this is upbeat roots music for the sheer joy of it. Includes appearances by guitarist Larry Collins (of the Collins Kids), pianist Sonny Leyland (of Big Sandy's Fly-Rite Boys), and Joey D'Ambrosio, the sax man originally heard on Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock." --Neal Weiss

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