She darked the sun                                                                                                                  
by                                                                                                        Dillard & Clark, Linda Ronstadt

            G                                 C

It was not so long ago, maybe just a year or so

            G                    Em                    D

It was lonely and was looking for someone

                    G                                             C

went down south to New Orleans, still just searching for my dreams

                    G                               D7            G

and that´s where I saw her, that´s how it all begun.

                 C                                 G

She was there on that night, said: For you I´m right.

             C             A7               D7

I´ll be with you, until my race is run.

                   G                               C

She walked into my life, with her cold evil eyes

                    G                  D7                          G

and with the length of her mind she darked the sun.

                  G                                           C

Well, my memory tries to speak, but, oh Lord, I´m feeling weak

            G                  Em                   D

and I blame it on the fact that I was young.

                  G                                                        C

Though I know it may sound strange, there is no way I can change

                G                           D7                 G

What my fate has picked out for me now is done.


She was there on that night ...

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