January 9th 2009





Joan Baez Hits/Greatest & Others The night they drove old Dixie down Vanguard Records/ 

Today Joan Baez turns 68!
The Inlaw Sisters Robbing the Devil Your long journey Sonic RendezVous/ 
The Inlaw Sisters are our session guests this Monday!
Russ Brown The Fugitive Peace Dirtroads Self-released / 
Eric Brace & Peter Cooper You don't have to love them both Her bright smile haunts me still Red Beet Records/ 
Neil Young Sugar Mountain, Live at the Canterbury House 1968 Expecting to fly Reprise Records/ 
Jeff Larson Left of a dream California Rail Jeff Larson Music/ 
Hans Theessink Live at Crossroads,
recorded on
Johnny & the Devil 
Wayne Hancock Swingtime

Big City Good Time Gal Bloodshot Records/
Sonic RendezVous/ 
Ry Cooder Anthology:
The UFO had landed
Get Rhythm Rhino/ 
Eric Brace & Peter Cooper You don't have to love them both I know a bird Red Beet Records/ 
Matt Epp Orphan Horse My love will come Mixed Sources/ 
Scrappy Jud Newcomb Ride the High Country State of Distraction Blue Rose Records/
Sonic RendezVous/
Dun the Veil Radio PROMO single Tears on the window pane Shut Up Records/ 

2nd hour

Johnny Cash & June Carter Carryin' on with... Pack up your sorrows
(written by Richard & Pauline Marden). 
Legacy Recordings/ 
Originally a hit by Richard & Mimi Farina. Mimi Farina was the younger sister of Joan Baez. She passed away on July 18, 2001.
Pauline Marden is Joan's older sister.
Iain Matthews
Bradley Kopp
Camouflage Reno Nevada
(written by
Richard Farina)
Perfect Pitch/ 
Richard Farina was Joan Baez' brother in law. He was married with Mimi Baez. Richard passed away on April 31, 1966, only one day after Mimi's 21th birthday.
The Band of Heathens The Band of Heathens Jackson Station Blue Rose Records/
Sonic RendezVous/ 
The Hiders Penny Harvest Field Penny Harvest Field Self-released/ 
Moonalice Mo's Choice,
Music from the internet...
Kick it open Free MP3  
Moonalice Mo's Choice,
music from the internet...
I ain't never satisfied MP3 
NO Blues Lumen Across the borderline Continental Record Services/
Chris Chameleon Live at Crossroads,
recorded on
Eric Brace & Peter Cooper You don't have to love them both Omar's Blues Red Beet Records/ 
Lynn Miles Radio PROMO single The one you're waiting for
(acoustic live!)
Philo/Continental Record Services/ 
Lynn Miles is our session guest this Monday!
Richard and Linda Thompson The bright lights tonight Withered and died Universal Island Records/ 
Todd Snider Peace Queer The ballad of Cape Henry Aimless Records/
Continental Record Services/ 
Dan May The long road home Oh my, my Self-released/ 
Nathan Moore Sad songs make me happy Rolling Home Self-released/ 
For Tony!

3th hour

Available on the internet at
Crossroadsradio or Rootsparadise

Champagne Charlie Live at Crossroads,
recorded on
Songtitles will be added asap! /