February 27th 2009





Johnny Cash American V: A hundred highways Further on up the road American/ 
Yesterday it was exactly 77 years ago that Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas
Steve Postell Time still knocking 3:45 Coming through Immergent/ 
Justin Townes Earle Midnight at the Movies The killed Joe Henry Bloodshot/Bertus/ 
Mickey Clark
John Prine, Kinky Friedman & Jerry Jeff Walker
Winding Highways Don't piss on my boots and tell me it's raining Ear X-tacy/
Sonic RendezVous/ 
Graham Lindsey We are all alone in this together Old Roger Spacebar/
Sonic RendezVous/ 
Connor Christian & Southern Gothic 90 Proof Lullabies One toke over the line Vintage Earth Records/ 
Hayes Carll Live at Crossroads,
recorded on
Little Rock 
Naomi Sommers Gentle as the Sun February American Melody/ 
Lyle Lovett Live in Texas If I had a boat Curb Records/Universal/ 
Mickey Clark Winding Highways Wyoming child Ear X-tacy/
Sonic RendezVous/ 
Gretchen Peters & Tom Russell One to the heart, one to the head Billy 4 Scarlet Letter Records/
Sonic RendezVous/ 
Amelia Curran War brides Scattered & Small Six Shooter Records/Bertus/ 
The Kitchen Shakers Deep fried and countryfied House of the rising sun Blue Hog Productions/ 

2nd hour

Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers Various: It's only rock'n'roll Why do fools fall in love? Going for a Song/
Today it's exactly 41 years ago that Frankie Lymon passed away.
Joe Ely Live Chicago, 1987 Letter to LA Rack'em Records/ 
Buddy & Julie Miller Written in Chalk
What are you gonna do Leroy? New West Records/
Sonic RendezVous/ 
Brigitte DeMeyer
Buddy Miller
Red River Flower Without you Self-released/
Sonic RendezVous/ 
Mountain Heart Mo's Choice,
Music from the internet...
While the getting's good 
This song is available on the album:
Road that never ends
Mountain Heart Mo's Choice,
music from the internet...
Who's the fool now 
This song is available on the album:
Road that never ends
Diana Jones Better time will come All God's Children Proper Records/Roughtrade/ 
Chip Taylor feat.
Kendel Carson
Live at Crossroads,
recorded on
Cry,cry.cry / 
Mickey Clark Winding Highways Louise Ear X-tacy/
Sonic RendezVous/ 
Arthur Godfrey Broken Wings Brave Self-released/ 
Jeffrey Foucault Shoot the moon right between the eyes.
Jeffrey Foucault sings the songs of John Prine
He was in heaven before he died Continental Song City/CRS/ 
Richard Shindell South of Delia Acadian Driftwood

3th hour

Available on the internet at
Crossroadsradio or Rootsparadise

Boo Boo Davis Live at Crossroads,
recorded on
Tittles will be added ASAP /